A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 799

“Mr. Qiu, we are really bewitched by others~”
“It was the Qiu family, Qiu Muying, who planted and framed him, said that you were morally corrupt, and said that Mufan Real Estate was operating illegally, encouraging us to take action against you~”
In the company hall, Wang Tian was crying for mercy, but Wu Yong didn’t say a word, just cried and drooped his head. However, his silence undoubtedly acquiesced to what Wang Tian said.
After all, Chu Wenfei was Wu Yong’s act of betraying his friends, but Wu Yong still couldn’t do it. But Wang Tian had no such scruples. If it weren’t for Wu Yong, he and Chu Wenfei would never know each other.
Now that they were bewitched and caused him to cause a catastrophe, Wang Tian hated Qiu Muying and their husbands and wives had both.
Now that he seized the opportunity, Wang Tian naturally spared no effort to wave dirty water on Qiu Muying’s couple.
All the faces of the Qiu family were pale at this time.
Especially Qiu Muying, with a pale face and a panic in her heart.
Obviously, they didn’t expect that things would develop to the present level.
At this time, Wu Weitao and others’ eyes undoubtedly fell on the Qiu family.
“Qiu Muying?” Remember to read in one second
“Qiu Family?”
“Could you guys have hatred with Mu Fan Real Estate?”
Wu Weitao repeated it in a low voice, then frowned and asked.
But the cold and unhappy words undoubtedly made Qiu Guang and the others shudder.
“Wu Shi, misunderstanding, these are all misunderstandings.” As the chairman of Qiu Shui Logistics, Qiu Guang naturally stood up with a cold sweat on his face and quickly smiled, “Wu Shi, these are really misunderstandings.”
“We Qiushui Logistics, and Mufan Real Estate, it is a family, this Qiu is always my niece of Qiu Guang, her father and my brothers.”
“Blood is thicker than water. It’s too late for our two companies to get close? How could there be enmity?”
“A family?” Wu Weitao was slightly startled, and asked in surprise.
“Yeah, Wu City, we are a family.” Jiang Hong also quickly agreed at this time, “If you don’t believe it, just ask Mucheng.”
“When I was young, I held her and breastfeeded?”
“We all grew up watching her.”
“It’s too late to love her. How could it be targeted at her and harm her?”
“Mucheng, come here quickly and tell Wu Shi, are you our niece, are you the daughter of our Qiu family?”
Jiang Hong smiled, how kindly Mucheng shouted at this moment.
Qiu Guang and the others in the Qiu family also changed their previous disdain and contempt for Qiu Mucheng and the others, and they stepped forward to get close to each other, and each one called a niece extremely cordial.
Seeing the Qiu family whose faces changed so quickly, Qiu Mucheng smiled and laughed at herself: “niece?”
“How many uncles and aunts, do you finally remember now that there is still my niece Qiu Mucheng?”
“I don’t know, when you drove me out of Qiu’s house and swept me and Ye Fan out, did you remember me as a niece?”
“When I stole Ye Fan’s emperor’s green, and repeatedly stumbled upon my Mufan property, do you remember my niece?”
“Even a few minutes ago, when you laughed at me, ridiculed me, and ruined me, do you remember me as a niece?”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were flushed, and she smiled sadly.
Those repeated questions were like a stone falling to the ground, clanging in the hall all day long!

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