A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 8

Qiu Mucheng had forgotten how she returned home that night. The impact of all this on Qiu Mucheng was too great, even after returning home, the shock in Qiu Mucheng’s heart remained unforgettable for a long time.
Could it be that Ye Fan didn’t make a mistake before, these bridesmaids were really given to her?
The million-dollar sports car, what other expensive jewelry, is it really given to him by the man in front of him?
However, Ye Fan is just a poor son-in-law, where does he get the money to buy these?
In other words, for so many years, Ye Fan has always been pretentious? He is not the child of the poor at all, and after the rich, a real rich second generation?
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng was in a state of confusion, with too many doubts in her heart wanting to ask Ye Fan.
“Orange, you are back, come and eat.”
When the door opened, Han Li said with a smile when seeing Qiu Mucheng outside the door.
Even though Han Li felt humiliated on this day, she was a mother after all. She knew very well that Qiu Mucheng was afraid that she would suffer even greater grievances, so she did not blame her daughter again.
“You are a waste, who told you to come back?” The first website m.
“I’m afraid of embarrassment, so I slipped very fast during the day. But I am ashamed of you by throwing my wife there. Are you a man?”
“It’s really bad for my Mucheng to marry you for eight lifetimes!”
“Go away~”
Seeing Ye Fan behind Qiu Mucheng, Han Li no longer controlled her emotions, but the grievances she suffered in front of her relatives during the day broke out.
But Ye Fan was used to it. This was his three-year life. Since he became a son-in-law, he should know that it is normal to be scolded by his mother-in-law.
“Mom, can you stop yelling. No matter how bad he is, he will be inferior to others, but he will be your son-in-law and the man of your daughter. Can you give us some dignity?”
Qiu Mucheng was already bored with this endless abuse, and shouted at her mother dissatisfied. Then he grabbed Ye Fan behind him and whispered softly: “You come in with me and come to my bedroom.”
Ye Fan was stunned. For three years, Qiu Mucheng had never let Ye Fan into her bedroom, but today~
“Come to my bedroom, didn’t you hear it? Still don’t want to enter?” Qiu Mucheng repeated it again.
Ye Fan was overjoyed: “I heard that.”
“Bring the quilt in too. Don’t sleep in the study in the future.” Qiu Mucheng’s next words made Ye Fan ecstatic, as if he was instantly hit by happiness.
Could it be that Lao Tzu’s spring is coming?
In surprise, Ye Fan returned to the room, picked up the quilt, and moved to Qiu Mucheng’s bedroom.
“Orange, what are you doing, are you crazy? You let this wretched waste go to your bedroom, and you still sleep with him?”
“Are you crazy?”
“Do you still want to marry?”
When Han Li heard this, she became anxious.
For the past three years, Han Li has been thinking about divorcing Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan, and then finding a better son-in-law. After all, his daughter is an overwhelming beauty, and although she is married, she is still a virgin. It is not difficult to find a beloved son-in-law. But if Qiu Mucheng had sex with Ye Fan, it would be difficult to find Panxia in the future.
In this case, how can their family stand up in the Qiu family?
All, Han Li naturally strongly opposed Ye Fan to sleep with Qiu Mucheng.
“Mom, I’ll say it again, Ye Fan is my husband no matter what. The husband and wife have the same sex. It is justified. Moreover, I am already married and do not need to remarry.”
With a bang, Qiu Mucheng immediately closed the door and locked her parents out.
“Insane, really crazy~”
“Qiu San, look at this wonderful daughter you gave birth to~”
“I’m so mad, I don’t even want the famous festival!”
Outside, Han Li’s furious voice came.
In the bedroom, Ye Fan looked at his flowery wife in front of him, but his heart beat extremely fast.
Ye Fan really had nothing to say about his wife.
Regardless of body shape or appearance, they are extremely outstanding.
The name of the third lady of the Qiu family was spread all over Yunzhou. I don’t know how many people who proposed to come to Qiu’s family, the threshold was leveled. One can imagine how outstanding Qiu Mucheng’s charm is. If it weren’t for the Qiu family’s big mistake later, but Ye Fan, who was like a dog, would naturally not be able to marry such a woman.
In the room, there is a faint fragrance of roses.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng has undoubtedly calmed down. She looked back and stared at Ye Fan: “What happened to that car, you can honestly explain. Why is your fingerprint recorded.”
“No, there are yours. And my wife, haven’t I said that, these dowry gifts were originally given to you and me, and they are naturally our fingerprints.” Ye Fan smiled. He was going to confess everything and say himself In fact, it is the second generation of super rich, who only fell down due to some reasons. Now his father has found his long-lost son, and only out of guilt has he sent a bride price to make up for his old grievances.
However, before Ye Fan opened her mouth, Qiu Mucheng was the first to smile: “Really? Are you still telling me that you are actually a super rich second-generation, and you were pretended to be poor and poor. Now the family found You, in order to make up for the previous debts and make up the betrothal gift of the year, are you ready to take you back and let you inherit the family wealth and billionaire?”
“Fuck, wife, how do you know? Did my father tell you? Actually, I don’t want to hide from you, it’s just~” Ye Fan felt a little guilty.
“Ye Fan, you are enough! Are you reading too many online novels? Or are you fooling me Qiu Mucheng as a three-year-old child?”
“If you really want to make me happy, just mix it up and do something to make me proud of you. Don’t dream of making up lies to deceive me!”
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were reddened, and she hated Ye Fan the most.
She didn’t dislike Ye Fanqiong, nor did she dislike the lack of promise, she was so angry that Ye Fan was poor without knowing it, and she was not motivated yet. Now she is still using such absurd lies to deceive her.
Although Qiu Mucheng didn’t know what method Ye Fan used to start the luxury car, in any case, Qiu Mucheng never believed that the luxury car had a relationship with Ye Fan. As for Ye Fan saying that he is a rich second generation? This is even more ridiculous. Qiu Mucheng, the dog-blooded bridge section only in this kind of movie, naturally didn’t believe it would be performed on her.
Ye Fan was silent. After a long time, he raised his forehead and looked at her: “Mucheng, I will prove myself. I will make you proud, let alone humiliated you again.”
He turned around, picked up the quilt, and prepared to leave the bedroom.
Looking at the lonely back of the man in front of him, Qiu Mucheng suddenly felt distressed at that moment. Perhaps, what she said just now was a bit too much, hurting his self-esteem.
Under the guilt, Qiu Mucheng unconsciously called out: “Ye Fan~”
“Tonight, don’t leave. Sleep here.”
Qiu Mucheng originally thought that Ye Fan would categorically refuse like a man, to declare the man’s inviolable dignity. But who could have imagined that Ye Fan happily agreed, just as if he was pretending to be firm and solemn just now, he smiled and ran to Qiu Mucheng’s bed holding the quilt.
“Wife, I know, you still want to sleep with me!”
“Fuck!” Qiu Mucheng was fascinated at the time, because she was so touched when she heard the man’s promise just now, and because he thought he had hurt his self-esteem and felt compassion.
But now it seems that after all, I still think highly of him.
“Why man, don’t touch me~”
“Floating under the bed~”
Qiu Mucheng shouted in shame from the room.
Ye Fan’s first night in the same room with his wife, the fantasies of sharing the same bed with the clouds and rain were finally soaked.
However, at least Ye Fan was already sleeping in the same room with Qiu Mucheng.
This is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough for Ye Fan.
“The same room has already started, will the same bed be far away?” Ye Fan comforted himself.
One night passed quickly.
The next day, Qiu Mucheng went to work after eating breakfast.
But when Ye Fan was still sleeping, a phone call came in.
“It seems that the call I was waiting for finally arrived.” Ye Fan smiled, then picked up the phone and pressed the connect button.

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