A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 7

“Hua Xia Chu Family, come to offer the bride price.”
The angry voice of the old man echoed throughout the hall.
Immediately afterwards, the old man waved his hand, and the big men behind him opened the gift boxes in their hands.
“Full of gold and jade, a pair of platinum necklaces.”
“With a lifetime, a diamond ring~”
“Love is stronger than gold, a pair of pure gold earrings~”

“Choose one from a thousand miles, and give away 10,1 in cash~”
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The gift boxes were opened one after another, and the betrothal gifts were presented one after another. In a short time, the jewels filled the square, and the eyes were full of dazzling gold.
In the end, in addition to these valuable accessories, a brand-new sports car was pushed up.
“This…this is?”
“President Supercar, Maserati!”
“Fuck it, just send it to the car, how many millions?”
In an instant, the entire Qiu family went crazy, looking at the precious betrothal gift in front of them, they were shocked and shocked.
What a tyrant!
A dowry gift can be sent directly to millions.
“Rich family, this is definitely a rich family.”
Everyone in the Qiu family was amazed.
But Qiu Mucheng’s expression was a little sluggish: “These are for me?”
“Dream you, you have been married for three years, where did you get the dowry? This is clearly for my family Yingying.”
“Yingying, come on, thank you for not coming forward.”
Wang Qiaoyu had already lost his joy at this time. He thought he was embarrassed and lost his home this time. Who would have thought that the Chu family would send so many betrothal gifts.
As for those who gave gifts, they didn’t say much, and after putting down their things, they left. In the restaurant here, there are only a group of valuable betrothal gifts, and everyone in the Qiu family.
“Wen Fei, I really blamed you just now.”
“The gift of so many betrothal gifts really cost your family money.” Wang Qiaoyu restored his previous smile again, and said to Chu Wenfei and Yan Yueshen.
Qiu Muying also broke her tears into a smile, walked over to hold Chu Wenfei, and said coquettishly: “My dear, you are necrotic. Why don’t you prepare so many beauties?”
The speed of Qiu Muying’s face change is simply staggering.
Others also complimented: “Wen Fei’s family is really rich.”
“It’s worthy of being a child of a rich family, but it’s different. The bride price is directly given to a millionaire car.”
“Yingying is going to enjoy the blessing~”
The people around were full of envy. Although they had heard the other party calling the third miss of the Qiu family before, everyone subconsciously believed that the other party should have made a mistake. After all, today’s engagement is the fourth girl of the Qiu family, and no one thinks this offer. It was given to Qiu Mucheng, who has been married for three years.
But Qiu Mucheng’s family felt extremely uncomfortable.
“Hey, look at the son-in-law, the bride price directly gave a million-dollar luxury car. Those necklaces and rings are probably worth a lot of money, look at us, there is no fart?” Han Li was psychologically unbalanced.
Qiu Mucheng was expressionless and silent.
As for Chu Wenfei, he was actually quite pleasantly surprised. He thought his father really didn’t care about him, but he didn’t expect to be so powerful, and he would give him such a big surprise by playing the routine of suppressing and then raising.
“It’s just basic operations, nothing.”
“Yingying, in the future, I will not only send you luxury cars, but also luxury yachts and private jets to take you around the world.” Chu Wenfei pretended to be forced.
Qiu Muying couldn’t help it anymore, and said anxiously that she wanted to sit on it and try it out: “I haven’t taken a Maserati before, I want to try it.”
“Okay, Yingying, my husband will take you out for a drive now.”
Chu Wenfei laughed, then stretched out his hand and prepared to open the door.
However, Chu Wen pulled quickly, and the door did not open.
“Ciao, is it locked?”
Chu Wenfei was taken aback for a moment, then searched for a circle of keys but could not find it.
I thought Dad wouldn’t be so careless, would he give a car without the key?
Jiang Yang, the son-in-law of the fifth family, took a look, and then said: “This car should be a customized model, fingerprint unlocked, and voice activated.”
Chu Wenfei slapped his thigh immediately: “Yes, brother-in-law Jiangyang didn’t say it, I almost forgot. I specifically asked my dad to set some personality functions for this car. Fingerprint unlocking, voice activation, except for me and Yingying. I can’t drive if I want.”
Chu Wenfei laughed, and then his fingers were almost broken, and he didn’t open the car door. In the end, Qiu Muying tried a little bit without believing in evil, but only stepped on his toes, but didn’t even open it.
Finally, Chu Wenfei found an embarrassing excuse to confuse him, saying that his father might have mistaken his fingerprints, and then ask again in a few days. The car was left in the hotel first. Drive back at some time.
At this point, the engagement banquet was almost over, and the Qiu family also left the hotel and returned to the family.
“Let’s go, Mucheng. Don’t look, it won’t be for us again.”
“Mom, let’s go first, and I’ll stay later.” Qiu Mucheng replied in a low voice.
“Hey… it’s up to you.”
Han Li sighed, knowing that her daughter was not feeling well, she left without saying anything.
Here, only Qiu Mucheng herself was left. She stood in front of the car for a long time, and before she knew it, tears had already shed.
Just now, she really thought that these were all given to her by that man, but after all, she had extravagant hopes.
Perhaps, the Chu family really called the wrong person.
“Mucheng, are you envious?” I don’t know when, Ye Fan actually appeared behind Qiu Mucheng, he looked at her and asked faintly.
Qiu Mucheng smiled bitterly, “If you don’t have a woman, you wouldn’t be envious.”
If you are an individual, you will have vanity. Qiu Mucheng is not a saint, she also has seven emotions and six desires, she also wants to stand on a high place one day, she also wants to live so beautifully that everyone can envy.
She didn’t want to be laughed at, and she didn’t want to be pityed. She also wanted to make all those who looked down on her regret.
“But what can I do if I am envious?”
“Perhaps, Qiu Mucheng is not qualified to be worthy of these beautiful things.” Qiu Mucheng laughed at herself, shook her head, and finally only said to Ye Fan, “Go home.”
No one knows how much loss and bitterness is in Qiu Mucheng’s sigh. This once flower girl, in the face of the cruel life, is completely unrecognizable.
Ye Fan was still standing there, his expression was so calm, and there was a faint light among his deep eyebrows.
“Orange, why envy?”
“Because of this, it was originally given to you.”
Ye Fan smiled lightly, and the next moment, in Qiu Mucheng’s panic gaze, the man in front of her took her hand and placed it gently on the car door.
The door of the car opened in response, like a butterfly’s spread wings, embracing the whole world.
The orange-red car lights pierced the night outside the window like a sharp sword.
“start up!”
There was a low roar, and the engine spun with a roar like a beast. The red car body trembled violently in the roar.
Under the night, in the roaring sound, Ye Fan was placed under the dreamlike light curtain, the orange-red lights illuminating the world, but the young man here opened his solid body to the already sluggish girl in front of him. Embrace, as if embracing the world.
“Fool, you are the best girl in this world. You are worthy of all the good things in this world.”
“As long as you want, I, Ye Fan, can give you the whole world.”
Under the galaxy, Ye Fan stood with his hands in his hands, smiling faintly. The stars are shining and the Tianhe is gorgeous. At this moment, Ye Fan’s thin figure, at this moment, looks like Yaoyang.
But Qiu Mucheng was already sluggish. The whole person was stunned, staring blankly, but the beauty and shock was reflected in the beauty.
That endless joy and surprise swept through her heart almost instantly like an ocean storm. At this moment, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t believe her eyes at all.
I just feel that everything is like a dream, so illusory.

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