A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 841

“A rust tripod?”
“She will give this to the birthday party of the future owner of the Xu family?”
When Ye Fan took out the rust cauldron, the guests in the hall suddenly exploded.
Many people sneered and looked at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
Especially Li Yuan herself, after seeing that the gift from Ye Fan turned out to be this broken copper and iron, suddenly smiled and bent over.
“Boy, you’re not just a terrapin, you’re a bitch?”
“The broken tripod that I gave to my house last night was thrown out by me. I thought you had to exchange something for it today.”
“Unexpectedly, giving away this broken copper and iron?”
“Even if you buy a vase and say it is antique, at least it looks better than this broken tripod?”
“Others cheat, at least they change their methods to deceive others.”
“It’s good for you, a broken tripod is used to death.”
“Are you stupid, or do you think we are stupid?”
Li Yuan was almost laughed to death by a fool like Ye Fan.
She threw out Ye Fan’s broken tripod last night, but she never expected that Ye Fan would come to Xu’s house to eat and drink today, and even give it away.
This thing can’t even fool their family. Does this idiot think he can fool the Xu family?
Sure enough, after seeing the rusty broken tripod in Ye Fan’s hand, Xu Meifeng, who was sitting high above, immediately turned black.
“Where did this turtle come from?”
“What does the doorman eat, and put this kind of idiot in?”
“Hurry up and throw it out!”
Xu Meifeng had a pretty face with anger. On a good day, a dick from a country came in. This undoubtedly made Xu Meifeng feel a little shameless and only disappointed.
“Meifeng, don’t be angry.”
“Master, let him go.”
Xing Tian seized this opportunity to please Xu Meifeng, and immediately stepped out, staring at Ye Fan in front of him coldly.
“Smelly boy, you really are such a guts?”
“Have you cheated here?”
“Hurry down and apologize to Meifeng?”
Xing Tian cursed angrily, and his words were full of disgust and contempt for Ye Fan.
Like this kind of hillbilly, Xing Tian would naturally not care about his dignity and face. He just wants to show off to Xu Meifeng so as to win Xu Meifeng’s favor.
Facing Xing Tian’s scolding, Ye Fan was expressionless and replied lightly: “I said, I’m here to celebrate Miss Xu’s birthday.”
“You are a rural turtle, and you dare to say that you are worthy of Meifeng’s birthday?”
“You are embarrassed to give away the broken copper and iron from a garbage dump? 78fd8733”
“You don’t feel ashamed, others feel ashamed!” Xing Tian was unceremonious, interrupted Ye Fan’s words directly, and sneered.
“Yes.” Li Yuan also echoed.
“You’re a hillbilly, you’re a brave man.”
“Do you dare to come in and make trouble on this occasion?!”
“Is this a place where you can come from?”
“Give me a broken piece of iron and want to pretend to be a big shot?”
“A real big man, at least like our Chief Xing, give a diamond ring worth nearly a million?”
Li Yuan belittles Ye Fan while boasting about her boss Xing Tian.
Xing Tian was undoubtedly even more proud, and even took the diamond ring he gave from the table and placed it in front of Ye Fan to open his eyes.
“see it?”
“This is called a gift.”
“You broken tripod, compared to the diamond ring I gave to Meifeng, shit is not as good.” Xing Tian smiled triumphantly.
But at this moment, only an old man in Tang suit came in outside the hall.

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