A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 847

However, how can Xing Tian succeed?
No matter how hard he tried, he never grabbed the Four Dragon Fangzun from Ye Fan’s hands.
“You terrapin, are you strong enough?”
“Don’t let go?” Xing Tian roared angrily.
Xu Meifeng also frowned, her pretty face was full of displeasedness, and she also shouted sharply: “Silong Fangzun is tailored for this lady.”
“Will you hand it over to me?”
The butler of the Xu family also took a step forward, and said in a low voice, “Don’t let go?!”
“How can you take out the things you gave to my lady?”
For a while, Xu Meifeng and other members of the Xu family all scolded Ye Fan angrily.
That icy voice already had no patience.
It seems that if Ye Fan doesn’t let go, their Xu family will send someone to grab it.
However, Ye Fan smiled coldly in the face of Xu Meifeng and the others’ murmurs.
“You are right.”
“Dragon and Phoenix have been a perfect match since ancient times.”
“The tripod in my hand, although it is a tripod.”
“But unfortunately, you are not the Phoenix of the Xu family.”
“Instead, Xu Lei.”
“I am here today, not for your birthday.”
“It’s for Miss Xu Family, Xu Lei’s birthday.”
“As for you, you don’t deserve it!”
Miss Xu Er?
Xu Lei?
Ye Fan’s words, if the huge boulder falls into the sea, it is in this hall that makes a huge wave.
Many people’s expressions trembled.
Xu Meifeng’s pretty face was immediately ugly.
Her birthday banquet, the person in front of her, was for someone else’s birthday.
What does this mean?
Isn’t this hitting her Xu Meifeng in the face?
“Brother Xiaofan.”
However, just when the whole hall was surprised, an excited and delighted voice came from upstairs.
I saw Xu Lei, a long skirt, but desperately ran down the stairs.
Then, in the shock and violent eyes of everyone, the second Miss Xu family, Xue family’s fiancee, threw into Ye Fan’s arms like this.
She hugged him tightly, letting tears flow, nestled in Ye Fan’s arms like this, smiling with tears.
No one knows how much sadness and bitterness are contained in Xu Lei’s call.
But fortunately, ten years of searching and waiting finally yielded fruit at this moment.
“This this..”
“What’s the matter?”
For a time, the whole hall trembles.
Xu Meifeng and others are undoubtedly blinded.
Is this still Xu Lei?
Is this still the second lady of the Xu family?
In the eyes of everyone, how arrogant and majestic is Miss Xu Family?
It is said that ten years ago, one person went to Jiangdong.
A weak woman, but relying on her strong hand, opened up her own business empire for the Xu family in the field.
Shouldn’t these noble women like heroines be cold and refined?
Shouldn’t it be noble and majestic?
Shouldn’t it be like the snow lotus on the mountain that day, only looking at something that is not desecrated from a distance?
But now, who would have thought that such an iceberg-like woman would rush into the arms of a man in spite of her majesty and her image.
This is still the graceful and noble empress Jiangdong, this is clearly a little woman in a boudoir who is waiting for words.
The whole hall was silent at this moment.
Some people trembled and some were angry.
Even more people are heartbroken.
However, the two Ye Fan did not pay attention to the trembling eyes of everyone around them.
At this time, the gentle fragrance of nephrite came into his arms, and Ye Fan’s breath was full of the alluring fragrance of the daughter in his arms.

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