A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 848

Looking at the beautiful woman who had been apart for ten years, Ye Fan smiled pityingly: “How old are they and cry?”
“Do you think you are a kid?”
Ye Fan smiled and gently helped Xu Lei wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.
Later, Ye Fan gave Xu Lei the four-dragon Fangzun in his hand.
“Xiao Lei, I planned to give you two apples.”
“But I was in a hurry on the road and I didn’t have time to buy it.”
“You can only use this dragon to make a living.”
“Ten years, ten years have not given you a birthday.”
“Don’t blame Brother Xiaofan.”
“Today, I will use this Longding as a gift to wish my sister Xiaolei happy birthday and eternal youth.”
“May you, the beautiful little phoenix, dance as soon as possible for nine days.”
Ye Fan’s faint voice echoed throughout the hall for a long time.
Xu Lei was full of joy, and her graceful pretty face carried unprecedented happiness.
She forcefully hugged the Fangding into her arms, as if she possessed the whole world.
Listening to Ye Fan’s slightly guilty words, Xu Lei smiled playfully: “Huh, you know. It’s ten years after leaving, and there is no news at all.”
“Okay, because you still remember my birthday, I will forgive you.”
“However, this Fang Ding is not as good as the apple you gave me back then.”
Xu Lei said dissatisfied, as if he didn’t like this Fang Ding too much.
When Xu Lei’s words were heard, many people around him twitched secretly.
Especially the Wang Elder on the side, his eyes went straight at the time.
What is worse than Apple 67a26d6d?
The Four Dragons Fangzun is a treasure of the country, hundreds of millions of treasures, is it not as good as a few dollars and a catty of apples?
“The young people nowadays are really inferior to one generation. They can’t tell what is treasure and what is waste?”
Elder Wang shook his head with emotion.
However, how did they know that the first birthday gift Ye Fan gave her back then, for Xu Lei, what did it represent?
Although they are only two small apples, there is too much friendship in those apples.
Two little apples tightly connect the two immature children together.
The material value is limited.
But the friendship in it, even the ten Four Dragon Fang Zun, is undoubtedly inferior.
Xu Lei felt that she would never eat anymore in her life, did Ye Fan give her a “pepped” apple?
“It turns out that today is also Miss Xu Er’s birthday.”
“I’m really sorry, if I had known that today was also the birthday of the second lady, I would prepare two gifts, old man.”
“But it also happens that I still have a phoenix jade pendant on my body. It is a treasure of the Qing Dynasty royal family. It can ward off evil and eliminate disasters and pray for protection. It has been treasured by me for many years. I originally wanted to leave it to my future grandson-in-law.”
“But today, it’s a gift for the second lady.”
“It just happens to be a pair with that Dragon Lord.”
“One dragon and one phoenix, a perfect match for the gods?”
“Again, I, Wang Kaige, will use this phoenix pendant to wish the second lady a happy birthday.”
At this time, the prince on the side walked forward and gave a piece of phoenix-style jade pendant to Xu Lei.
Phoenix jade pendant?
“God, did Mr. Wang give out all this stuff?”
“I spent 50 million to buy it back then, but he didn’t sell it.”
The guests were shocked again when they saw the phoenix jade pendant presented by Mr. Wang.
And Xu Meifeng was even more jealous.

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