A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 85

Qiu Mucheng cursed badly, but she flew the bird in the forest by surprise.
Then Qiao’s face blushed, her delicate high heels hit the ground, turned around and left angrily.
But at this time, Qiu Mucheng was just ashamed and angry. If Ye Fan said this to her in the past, Qiu Mucheng would be full of contempt and disgust.
However, perhaps even Qiu Mucheng herself hadn’t noticed that her attitude towards Ye Fan was already changing subtly.
After Qiu Mucheng returned home, she told her parents the good news. Han Li and Qiulei were undoubtedly too happy, and immediately decided to go out to celebrate, and Qiu Mucheng naturally called Ye Fan.
“What did you call him for?”
“A useless person, why should my daughter raise her money?” Han Li said coldly.
“Mom, it’s really thanks to Ye Fan this time. Without him~” Qiu Mucheng had to maintain it, but was interrupted by Han Li.
“Just him? Thanks to him, I burned the incense if he didn’t hold you back. Mucheng, you’re a little abnormal lately, and I’ve been talking to this squatter, I warn you, you and him are going to divorce sooner or later, in your heart It’s best to count. Your uncle has already found one for you. The family is rich and powerful. You will see you in a few days.”
“Enough, Mom. I’m not going anymore. You can go to the restaurant by yourself. Let’s do it at home.” Qiu Mucheng also got a temper. In the end, she slammed the door and went into the bedroom by herself, and ignored Han Li and the others. .
Han Li was also so angry that she had no choice but to go with Qiulei and the two of them. Remember to read in one second
But at this time, after Qiu Muying returned to Dao’s house, she felt more angry as she thought about it.
Originally, she planned to make things difficult for Qiu Mucheng and make her face scandal, and finally forced her away from the company. But Qiu Muying didn’t expect that she eventually became Qiu Mucheng, and after spending a long time she even made her a wedding dress.
“Qiu Mucheng, what kind of shit luck has it taken?”
“Unexpectedly, not only got 3981e154 loans, but also won the opportunity to cooperate with Hongqi Group.
Hongqi Group is a group run by Xu Lei, backed by Hongqi Bank, with a solid background and huge financial resources. Qiu Mucheng actually got this order. After Wang Qiaoyu learned of this, he was extremely shocked and angry. He paced back and forth in the room with his face.
“Yingying, no, we have to find a way.”
“That’s an order of 50 million yuan. If Qiu Mucheng is really allowed to talk about it, his position in the company will surely be in full swing, and then your grandfather will also value him more.”
“More importantly, if she takes this opportunity to really get acquainted with Xu Lei and other bigwigs, it will be even more important in the Qiu family. Maybe your grandfather even entrusts the company to her management.”
“At that time, this Qiu family, what’s the matter with our mothers?”
Wang Qiaoyu said from the side, worried.
Qiu Muying was also angry and angry, and kept complaining there: “Mom, what use are you saying now? Grandpa has made her the project leader and has full authority to handle the cooperation with Hongqi Group. We still What can I do?”
For a long time, Wang Qiaoyu’s family regarded Qiu Mucheng as a thorn in his eyes and a thorn in his flesh. After all, many times before, Wang Qiaoyu and his family were in the company for their private pockets. They were all discovered by Qiu Mucheng and reported to Mr. Qiu, so he was scolded by Mr. Qiu several times.
Therefore, as long as Qiu Mucheng stays in the company for one day, Wang Qiaoyu and his family are uneasy. If Qiu Mucheng sat in a high position again, their family would naturally be even more panicked.
“I have a way.”
“Go, Yingying, follow me to see your grandpa.”
“Never let the woman Qiu Mucheng climb up.” Wang Qiaoyu seemed to have thought of a way, and took Qiu Muying to find Elder Qiu overnight.
Even to be on the safe side, Wang Qiaoyu called Qiu Guang, the boss of the Qiu family, to pass quickly.
“Grandpa, after I went back, I discussed with the uncle and them again. We don’t think it is appropriate to let my third sister be responsible for this cooperation with Hongqi Group.” Qiu Muying said with a smile while rubbing his shoulders for the old man Qiu.
“What’s wrong? This cooperation was won by Mucheng, so she should have negotiated.” Old man Qiu frowned.
“Grandpa, do you think. My third sister has been in charge of grassroots work these years, and they have been in contact with some low-status people. Where is the experience of negotiating with big people? Or is it with the top dignitaries like Mr. Xu?”
“This time the order amount is huge, and it is vital to the life and death of my Qiu Shui Logistics. Grandpa, do you really want to hand over the survival of our Qiu family to someone with little experience?”

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