A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 84

Hearing this, many people’s eyes are red, and they are very envious.
“Grandpa Xie.” Qiu Mucheng smiled suddenly, and for the first time in so many years today, she has received praise from grandpa.
“Huh, it’s really a villain’s ambition. But even if it is tripled, it will be poor or poor, not as good as my husband’s fortune.” Qiu Muying felt very uncomfortable in her heart, and whispered.
“That’s right, grandpa. Granddaughter has one more thing to discuss with you. Tonight, when I talked to Mr. Xu about the loan, I also discussed a logistics order worth 50 million from Hongqi Group. But the matter is very important. I didn’t sign at that time. I have brought the contract. If there is no problem after Grandpa’s check, I will immediately meet with Mr. Xu to sign the contract.”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng’s words sounded again.
But the moment when this sentence fell, it was deadly, deadly quiet.
The needle drop can be heard throughout the room. A needle can be heard on the ground.
Everyone in the Qiu Family who had just calmed down was once again confused.
“You…what did you say?”
“More…how much is the order?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Guang, the current chairman of Qiu Shui Logistics, trembled all over, looking at Qiu Mucheng like a ghost.
“Mucheng, you… did you say one more zero?” Old man Qiu’s face was also twitching, looking at Qiu Mucheng.
50 million orders, what is the concept?
You know, last year, all the orders of the entire company of Qiu Shui Logistics added up to only a few million.
Recently, competition in the logistics industry is huge, and Qiushui Logistics is a small enterprise. It is very difficult to get orders of more than one million on weekdays, and orders of more than ten million are so expensive!
But what Qiu Mucheng said just now turned out to be an order of 50 million yuan.
“That’s a bitch!”
“Even if you sell Qiushui Logistics, it’s not worth so much money, right?” Many people sighed.
Qiu Muying didn’t believe it at all, and shouted, “Qiu Mucheng, are you kidding me?”
However, Qiu Mucheng ignored her, and instead handed in another contract to Father Qiu.
Elder Qiu almost finished the reading with trembling, and finally let Qiu Guang judge the authenticity together.
“The contract is fine.”
“The official seal does not look like a forgery.”
“Could it be true?” Qiu Guang felt unbelievable even now.
Finally, Qiu Guang and the father and son Qiu studied for another half an hour, and after the final confirmation, the father Qiu laughed.
“Mucheng, good, well done!”
“Thank you for winning this order for the Qiu family.”
“I announce that from now on, you will be promoted to project manager, with a private car, and be solely responsible for the cooperation with Hongqi Group.”
“You must do your best to sign this order completely. There must be no difference.”
“My Qiushui Logistics, can it grow because of this? It’s up to you?”
Old man Qiu laughed, his hearty laughter echoed endlessly.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng felt that happiness had come so suddenly, the smile on her pretty face immediately bloomed, and her eyes were full of joy: “Grandpa Xie gave Mucheng this opportunity. I promise that granddaughter will live up to her grandfather’s expectations.”
bc2e39c6 All the bitterness came, Qiu Mucheng only felt that the world was so beautiful this evening.
The originally dark sky became colorful in an instant.
But Qiu Muying’s brows and eyes were flushed, with jealousy and hatred in her heart, her palms were tightly clenched.
The others in the Qiu family were also full of sighs. They didn’t expect that this Qiu Mucheng, who had been in the Qiu family for so many years, would turn over tonight?
“Ye Fan, thank you.” On the way back, the couple walked on the quiet and beautiful moonlight road. Qiu Mucheng smiled happily, with a bright smile, bright and intoxicating.
Ye Fan was walking with his hands behind his head, looking up at the night sky: “Thank you, you can’t just talk about it, you have to take action.”
“Well, what you want, I promise you.” Qiu Mucheng readily agreed.
“Well, what you said, then tonight, we will contribute our own strength to the great continuation of the human race.”
Qiu Mucheng: “…”
“Go away~”

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