A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 867

“Ms. Xu’s Patriarch was beaten?”
“Old man Xu Wenqing was forced to kneel?”
“Even the brother of the Patriarch of the Xue family had his leg broken?”
“The fiancee was robbed”
“Should I go to him?”
“Who is so awesome?!”
“Yanjing giants dare to provoke?”
“And offend both of them all at once?”
“Could it be that the son of the heavenly king Laozi failed?”
For a time, the whole city was terrified.
Every major family in Yanjing trembled.
Many people are speculating about the identity and background of each other.
However, after learning that the other party was only a young man from a small third-tier city in Jiangdong, the entire Yanjing City, the rich and powerful, trembled again.
“Just a turtle in a small third-tier city, is he crazy?”
“Dare to provoke Xu and Xue with the courage of the bear heart and leopard?”
“I thought I was still a descendant of some red giants. After a long time of trouble, my feelings are just like local turtles.”
“It’s said that I’m going to talk a lot, and we will hold a banquet at Wolong Hotel tomorrow, so that the Xu and Xue families will move all the people who can move in, and the front is hard?”
“I’ll go, really!”
“Is this guy kicked in the head by a donkey?”
“Isn’t this looking for death?”
“Tomorrow, how do we see him play?”
Inside Yanjing City, there was a lot of noise.
Among the countless family powers, it was like talking about a joke, talking about what happened at the birthday party today.
However, the Xu family and the Xue family are not as elegant as outsiders.
“Dad, are you coming back soon?”
“The woman Xu Lei colluded with outsiders and not only injured her mother, but her grandfather’s leg was also broken.”
“Are you still lying down in the orthopedic hospital?”
In Xu’s family, Xu Meifeng was on the phone with her father, tearing her nose and tears.
Adding oil and jealousy to tell today’s things.
“What about Master Xing 0738886a?”
“Go call Master Xing.”
“When I was leaving, I didn’t ask you to do so. If something happens, I will go to Master Xing for help.”
“The Xing family has received so much favor from my Xu family, they will never sit back and watch.”
On the phone, a middle-aged man’s sullen voice came.
But Xu Meifeng still blushed, and said sadly: “Dad, let’s go please.”
“But who would have thought that the Xing family are just white-eyed wolves, ungrateful,”
“Especially that Xinghe, not only didn’t help us, but also said that my family is stupid, don’t want to kill him?
Hearing this, the man on the other end of the phone’s expression instantly drenched, and his expression darkened: “Then Xinghe, really say that?”
“It seems that our Xu family gave them so good faces before, so that the Xing family did not know what their last name was?”
“Meifeng, don’t worry, I will handle this matter.”
“Tonight, without accident, your third uncle will return to the family. Tomorrow, your third uncle will preside over the overall situation.”
“In addition, I will call the Xue family in a while.”
“Elder Xue’s son also had his leg broken. I don’t believe that the Xue family can sit still?”
“In this matter, as long as Patriarch Xue family comes forward, even if Xu Jiaguang looks at it, the bastard will die without a place to be buried.”
Soon, the phone was hung up.
Yanjing, Xue family.
When Xue Minghua was carried in, the Xue family was holding a family meeting.
“Minghua, what’s wrong with you?”
“Didn’t you go to celebrate Miss Xu’s birthday?”
“How did it become like this?”
Seeing Xue Minghua’s blood on his legs, everyone in the Xue family was shocked.

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