A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 868

The head of the Xue family, Xue Mingzhi, was even more trembling, and quickly got up and ran in the direction of Xue Minghua.
“Brother, revenge.”
“You must avenge your brother!”
“If you don’t kill him, it’s hard to dispel the hatred in my heart.”
“Brother, you must smash him into ten thousand pieces~”
Xue Minghua grabbed the hand of his brother Xue Mingzhi and yelled viciously with resentment, tears almost filled his eyes.
“Minghua, don’t get excited.”
“Say well, what’s going on.”
“Don’t worry, if you make it clear, brother will definitely ask you for the announcement!”
Seeing his brother look like this, Xue Mingzhi felt regretful and angry.
They are two brothers. Their mother died early when they were young, and their father was doing business all year round. It can be said that the two brothers grew up together since childhood.
The brotherhood is naturally unspoken.
Now that his younger brother’s legs were interrupted, one can imagine how angry and distressed Xue Mingzhi was.
“Brother, it’s a stinky boy named Ye Fan.”
“Relying on his own strength, he is still a practicing family, and not only forcibly snatched my fiancee Xu Lei. When I came forward to discourage me, he also kicked my legs.”
“Ye Fan? A bastard in a third-tier town?”
“He is so bold?”
“Minghua, didn’t you tell him that you are from the Xue family, your brother is Xue Mingzhi, your father is Xue Renyang, your second uncle is the leader of the National Security Bureau, and your third uncle is the commander of the military region?” Listening to his brother Xue Mingzhi’s eyebrows gradually became cold, and the deep words contained endless anger.
However, Xue Minghua shook his head: “It’s useless, brother. He even kicked the old man of the Xu family to the ground and let him kneel to beg for mercy. He even utterly said that we Xue family is in his eyes, not as good as a dog. He also threatened to be tomorrow. Wolong Hotel is waiting for us, let them shout at random~”
Xue Minghua was still talking, but under Xue Mingzhi’s anger, he smashed a teacup on the table to the ground.
“What an arrogant child!”
“Let’s move casually, still waiting in Wolong Hotel?”
“He really has a big tone!!”
Xue Mingzhi was extremely angry and his old face was so dark that it almost dripped water.
However, Xue Mingzhi’s mood soon stabilized.
He once again recovered his usual calm face, but who knows what kind of thunder and thunder is in Xue Mingzhi’s calm appearance!
Anyone who is familiar with Xue Mingzhi knows that his 893f8431 is really angry.
“Brother, am I going to be a waste person?”
“I am not reconciled, I am really not reconciled.”
“You must kill him, so that he can’t die~”
At this time, Xue Minghua still yelled unwillingly, and wailed at his brother with added fuel and jealousy.
Xue Minghua nodded.
“Minghua, you can heal your wounds at ease.”
“This grudge, my brother helped you get it!”
“Tomorrow, I will throw his body in front of you.”
Xue Mingzhi said in a deep voice, but his words were stirring endlessly in the entire hall.
Afterwards, Xue Mingzhi gave orders to the next person: “Mingxin, now, call your second uncle immediately and ask him to send ten good hands.”
“In addition, tomorrow, we will bring all the bodyguards from special forces in our family.”
“Brother, are we really going tomorrow?” At this moment, behind Xue Mingzhi, someone worried.
“Otherwise? Everyone has let everything out, and we Xue family shouldn’t. Wouldn’t it be laughed at by the entire Yanjing city!”
“Since some people want to die, our Xue family should fulfill him.”

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