A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 87

In anger, Qiu Mucheng, after hanging up the phone, directly smashed the phone on the sofa, and finally fell to the ground with a snap.
“what happened to you?”
“Why are you so angry?”
“Does that bastard Ye Fan make you angry again?”
Han Li and Qiulei, who had just returned from the restaurant, saw Qiu Mucheng slam the phone there as soon as they walked in, and her pretty face was pale, almost inhuman.
“Mom, it’s okay, it’s just that I didn’t hold the phone.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to say any more, turning around and going back to the room to rest.
“Damn, it must be that useless!”
“Did he hit you?”
“It’s really the opposite!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Ye Fan, get out of here. Whoever eats Mucheng and drinks Mucheng, dare to bully Mucheng?”
Han Li couldn’t help but said, Dang Even believed that Ye Fan had bullied her, and immediately shouted angrily.
“Enough, Mom. I said it wasn’t him or him, why are you still messing around here.”
“It’s me, it’s all me, it’s your daughter that is useless and can’t keep things that belong to her.” Qiu Mucheng’s depressed emotions also exploded at this time. They had never seen her daughter so gaffe.
“Mucheng, what the hell is going on, tell mom, do you want to dying me?” Han Li was even more worried.
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was drooping, her eyebrows flushed, and her voice was so weak at this time: “Just now, Grandpa told me that the cooperation with Hongqi Bank was given to Qiu Muying. Don’t let me interfere anymore.”
“What?” When Han Li heard this, she became anxious, “Your grandpa is too much!”
“That’s the cooperation you won, so why let others talk about it?”
“I know, it must be Qiu Mucheng and their mother and daughter who are making trouble in it again. They don’t want our family to be good, and they will take advantage of you.”
“No, let’s go to the old house of the Qiu family, our family can’t stand this anger.”
Han Li’s eyes were red with anger. Their women worked diligently for so many days. After the final approval and the money were obtained, the order was left with the final contract, but who was it? I can think of it, this finally made someone else a wedding dress.
This matter, no one is angry!
Qiu Mucheng laughed at herself: “Mom, it’s useless. This decision has already been announced. Let’s go and make trouble, not only can’t change the slightest, it will only let the Qiu family watch our jokes.”
“Then I will go to your uncle, your second uncle, and let’s talk to your grandfather together. I don’t believe it, this Qiu family is the third one, and everything good will be taken over by his family.” Han Li It’s maddening.
Qiu Mucheng still shook her head: “Mom,
Don’t be naive. Chu Wenfei’s family is rich and powerful, and Qiu Muying is married to such a wealthy family. It’s too late for the uncles and the others to flatter them. How could we offend them because of us? ”
Qiu Mucheng spoke slowly, but her faint words were full of loss.
Perhaps this is the reality.
What’s the use of hard work? What’s the use of persistence?
In the end, it was not lost to the background and given power.
Qiu Mucheng knew very well that Grandpa made this decision to curry favor with Chu Wenfei and his wife.
Qiu Mucheng said nothing, turned around and went back to the room.
Behind him, only the quarrel between Han Li and his wife was left.
“Look at what dad you are?”
“Just bully our Mucheng like that?”

“To put it bluntly, it’s all Ye Fan, and that Ye Fan is wretched.”
“Look at who you married, and then look at your son-in-law?”
“If he has half of Chu Wenfei’s ability, how can we be so angry?”

Poor couples are sad. In this home, quarrels are almost the norm.
In the room, Qiu Mucheng was lying on the bed, her eyes were absent, her whole person was like a walking corpse. One can imagine how hard this incident hit her.
He was already full of ambition and made up his mind to take this opportunity to make some achievements and make everyone admire him, but who would have thought that in the end Grandpa would not give her a chance.
“Bubble feet.”
“It’s also a lot more comfortable in my heart.”
At this time, Ye Fan’s voice sounded quietly, and he saw him walk in with a basin of hot water and a towel on his shoulders.
If Mr. Han saw this scene, he would definitely be shocked. The only descendant of the Chinese Chu family, who has lived in seclusion behind the scenes and controlled countless bosses for ten years, now looks like a strict housewife and man.
“I’m sorry, Ye Fan.”
“I wasted one of your favors.”
The moonlight was lonely, but it came in. Qiu Mucheng’s voice choked slightly, but it sounded softly.
Ye Fan smiled faintly: “What are you polite to me?”
“Besides, this favor is not necessarily a waste?”
In Ye Fan’s shallow smile, there was an inexplicable charm.
In the past few days, Qiu Mucheng did not go to the company, but took a month’s sick leave.
“Grandpa, it seems that the third sister is dissatisfied with your decision. Do you want to use this to demonstrate like you?”

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