A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 88

The Qiu family holds several family meetings every week, mostly to discuss company matters.
At this moment, in the conference hall, Qiu Muying smiled sarcastically after learning that Qiu Mucheng had taken a month of sick leave directly.
“What does this Qiu Mucheng think of the company?”
“If you want to do it, don’t do it if you don’t want to do it, no idea of ​​the overall situation! Tell him that if he doesn’t come to work tomorrow, he will never use it for work in the future.” Old man Qiu snorted angrily. What he hates most is that someone questioned her authority.
But now Qiu Mucheng’s silent protest was undoubtedly a huge confrontation with the majesty of Old Man Qiu, of course Old Man Qiu was angry.
Qiu Muying also valued this, and only then deliberately said in public that Qiu Mucheng had asked for leave.
Qiu Guang was also sullen: “My third niece is completely abolished. Fortunately, father, we did not let her be responsible for the cooperation with the Red Flag Group, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.”
At this time, everyone in the Qiu family was screaming at Qiu Mucheng.
“Okay, let’s not talk about this.”
“Yingying, can you meet with President Xu today, can you make an appointment? It’s about the order of 50 million yuan, and whether our Qiushui Group can be phoenix nirvana, so you must not take it lightly to grow.” Senior Qiu asked. Remember to read in one second
Qiu Muying nodded immediately: “Grandpa, just put a hundred hearts on you. Granddaughter will definitely get you this cooperation today.”
“Yes, grandpa. I will go with Yingying, you don’t have to worry.” Chu Wenfei smiled confidently at this time.
“Okay, Wen Fei is in charge, and I am confident that I will be able to succeed this time!”
“You go, we will sit in this conference hall and have a family banquet, and wait for you to come back and drink celebration wine!!”
Father Qiu smiled heartily, and the others agreed. Then everyone in the Qiu family sent away Qiu Muying and his wife together.
The Qiu family are waiting for a banquet. It is conceivable how much the Qiu family values ​​this signing.
West of the city, Lishui Café.
Qiu Muying and his wife, as agreed, arrived here early, preparing to meet Mr. Xu.
“Husband, what do you think of my makeup? No flowers?”
“Is the perfume strong?”
“And the hair, can you help me fix it?” Qiu Muying looked very nervous when meeting a big figure like Xu Lei for the first time.
Chu Wenfei also smiled bitterly, comforting Qiu Muying that I was there, so don’t worry.
“He just looks at my face, today he has to sign the contract as well.”
Finally, with a luxury car approaching.
A group of three people appeared at the table where Qiu Muying was sitting.
The leader is a woman, a capable suit, and her exquisite pretty face has a bit of heroism that a woman shouldn’t have, but she is full of aura.
Seeing this person, Qiu Muying subconsciously thought it was Xu Lei, the general manager of Hongqi Bank, and quickly got up and shook hands: “Mr. Xu, hello, I am the signing representative of the Qiushui Group here, and the deputy general manager Qiu Muying.”
The woman frowned, but she didn’t even pay attention to Qiu Muying’s stretched out hand: “First, correct you. I am not President Xu, I am Lin Wenjing, Assistant President Xu.”
“Second, why are you? What about Miss Qiu Muchengqiu?”
Qiu Muying was immediately embarrassed when she realized that she had admitted the wrong person, and then smiled and explained: “Ms. Lin, I’m really sorry just now. Regarding your second question, after meeting and discussing with our company, we agreed that regardless of Qiu Mucheng’s level or It’s hard to be able to negotiate this contract, and I am not qualified to sit in front of Miss Lin on behalf of my Qiushui Group.
When she said this, Qiu Muying raised her chin proudly.
Although she said that on the surface it was Qiu Mucheng, but she was actually expressing herself.
Qiu Mucheng was not qualified or capable, so she didn’t deserve to come. And when she comes, it naturally means that she is more qualified and better.
“Really?” Lin Wenjing smiled coldly, “In that case, there is nothing to talk about.”
“Go back and tell you the person in charge of the company that I, Hongqi Group, only work with Ms. Qiu Mucheng. Others, everything is free.”
The cold voice, but there is no room for maneuver. Lin Wenjing and the others didn’t even sit down, and turned away after speaking.
“Miss Lin, Miss Lin~”
Qiu Muying was dumbfounded at the time. She didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this in the end. She ran to chase after her, but they ignored her.
“Miss Lin, please stop! My father is Chu Yang and I am Chu Wenfei Mr. Chu~” Chu Wenfei also shouted loudly at this time, but it still had no effect. The Hongqi Group drove away without looking back. .
On the contrary, there was a grumpy old man in the coffee shop who slapped Chu Wenfei directly.
“Call Nima?”
“I’m scared!”

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