A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 91

“Mucheng really went to Jianghai?”
Liuyuan District.
Father Qiu took Qiu Guang and the others, but he had already arrived at Qiu Mucheng’s house. When he learned of Qiu Mucheng’s whereabouts, Old Man Qiu was shocked.
“Yeah, I just left in the morning. My mother will have her 60th birthday in a few days. I asked Mucheng to celebrate my mother’s birthday for me.” Han Li said quickly, and she was also a little panicked at this time. Unexpectedly, Mr. Qiu actually came to invite him.
“A few days to come back?” The old man frowned and his face was ugly.
It’s really a leak in the house that even rains at night, so I can rush to everything.
“Well, it’s hard to say. It can take as little as seven days, and as long as ten and a half months. But if Dad finds Mucheng for something, I will get her back as soon as possible.” Han Li replied.
“Yeah. You told Mucheng that there was something to do with him at home, so that after she was celebrating her birthday, don’t delay and come back right away.” After speaking, the old man Qiu didn’t stay much, and turned around and was ready to go back.
“Dad, you can bring all these things back. We haven’t bought you much on weekdays, so how embarrassed we to accept your things.” Before leaving, Han Li looked at the Moutai and imported gifts that the old man had brought. The thing is pretending to be polite.
Old man Qiu hummed in a deep voice, “It’s not for you, but for my granddaughter. After I get back, let her come to me immediately.” Remember to read a second
Soon, Han Li and his wife gave off Father Qiu away.
“Qiu Lei, my dad will spend the money today, but a bottle of Moutai is worth several thousand. And this milk, imported high-grade milk, was sent to our daughter.”
In the room, Han Li looked like a lucky face, looking at the gifts from the old man, but couldn’t put it down.
But Qiu Lei felt a little uncomfortable in her heart: “Xiaoli, or let’s call Mucheng back, I think my dad is in a hurry.”
“No. Going to Jianghai this time is a lifelong event for our family. What else is more important than this?” Han Li refused directly.
“Dad, Mucheng went to Jianghai, what should I do now?” On the way back, Qiu Guang was full of depression and asked Father Xiang.
“What else can I do, I can only wait.”
“But over time, if the Hongqi Group’s order is robbed by others, then we will have nowhere to cry.” Qiu Guang worried.
“Otherwise? What do you say? If you have the ability, go talk to the Hongqi Group?” Old man Qiu was shaking with anger, his palms clenched.
His regretful intestines are all green now.
If he knew that this would be the result in the end, he would have killed Wang Qiaoyu and his mother and son and would have replaced Qiu Mucheng from the person in charge.
But when the old man Qiu was full of regret, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan at this time had already reached the sea.
“It’s worthy of being the capital of Jiangdong Province. Look at this pattern, it is not comparable to that small city in Yunzhou.
Ye Fan was carrying a large bag, but he was walking with emotion.
On both sides of the road, lights feasting and green, skyscrapers towering into the clouds, a bustling urban scene.
“Shut up, you don’t speak, no one treats you as dumb.”
Feeling the gaze of the people around them looking at them as if they were looking at them, Qiu Mucheng felt embarrassed and immediately yelled at Ye Fan.
If I knew it, I wouldn’t bring him here.
When the two were talking, two small cars drove slowly in front of 02796d4f.
One of them is a red Buick, and the one behind is a BMW.
“Cousin, you finally came.”
The door opened, and a woman with a beautiful face and delicate makeup ran out of the car. After seeing Qiu Mucheng, she immediately gave Qiu Mucheng a big hug.
The young woman’s name was Han Feifei, the daughter of Uncle Qiu Mucheng, one or two years younger than Qiu Mucheng.
“Feifei, it’s getting more and more beautiful.” Qiu Mucheng also seemed very happy to see her cousin.
Han Feifei giggled: “Cousin, don’t make fun of me. Who of us in the Han family doesn’t know. In terms of beauty, no one can be like a cousin.”
“By the way, cousin, introduce a friend to you. Is this Sun Yuhao? But he is a handsome man. Not only is the family rich, but the brother Yuhao is still young and promising. Now he has become the general manager of a listed company and is in charge of 100 What about the billion-dollar enterprise?” While speaking, Han Feifei had already pulled Qiu Mucheng towards the front.
As for Ye Fan on the side, Han Feifei didn’t even look at it.

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