A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 90

“Brother, is that you?”
“I haven’t made a phone call for hundreds of years. Today is the sun really coming out from the west? He actually called us.”
“So you remember that you still have a third brother?”
“What, let Mucheng answer the phone?”
“Even if I’m sorry, Mucheng is sick. No one can answer the phone.”
“Say sorry to my father for me, don’t worry, when Mucheng’s illness gets better, I will definitely ask him to call Grandpa immediately.”
“Second sister-in-law, hahaha, we have not chatted for a long time.”
“I’m in good health, don’t worry about it.”
“What, are you looking for Mucheng too?”
“Mucheng probably fell asleep, maybe she didn’t hear your call.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Just wait. I guess Mucheng wakes up, so she can go back to you?”
“My dad is next to me, I won’t talk to him anymore, you say hello to him for me.”
“Haha~ I’m hanging up.”
Liuyuan District.
At this moment, Han Li had already answered several phone calls, and all the relatives who dismissed their family on weekdays actually called.
At first, Han Li and Qiulei were very confused, thinking that their daughter had caused some serious disaster. They didn’t know until later that Qiu Muying had talked about cooperation with the Hongqi Group. No, this Qiu family. Then she came to Qiu Mucheng and asked Mucheng to talk again.
“Oh, I knew e84b91eb was like this, why bother?”
“What do you think of our Mucheng family, are you slaves of the Qiu family? You will come and go.”
“I think of my Mucheng when things are turbulent, what did you do?”
“The blanket is rotten, let my Mucheng wipe her butt again?”
“Go ahead and dream of your spring and autumn!”
In the room, Han Li tilted Erlang’s legs, humming triumphantly while knocking on the seeds, feeling happy in her heart.
“Okay, it’s almost done. Don’t really annoy the old man.” Qiulei was a little worried on the side, afraid that his old couple would get angry.
“What does it mean is almost the same? Our daughter is so angry, how can it be the same.”
“Qiu Lei, let me tell you, don’t worry about this, let me see how your dad and them play?”
Han Li hummed.
At this time, another call came.
Han Liyi looked at the electric display.
Fuck, Old Man Qiu hit him himself.
It seems that they really can’t sit still.
Han Li immediately answered the phone with a smile on her face: “Dad, how are you doing?”
“Mucheng, she is really sick, she didn’t mean to not go to the company.”
“What, you want to see her?”
“How can this be, she is a junior, how can she bother you.”
“Don’t come. Besides, Mucheng is not at home now, she went to Jianghai yesterday.”
“When she comes back, I will let her see you immediately.”
The old house of the autumn family.
In the conference hall, everyone’s expressions were pale at this moment.
Qiu Guang’s expression was gloomy, Qiu’s expression was also very ugly.
At this time, Father Qiu had just finished calling Han Li, and the call to Qiu Mucheng was either not answering or shutting down.
“Huh, this Qiu Mucheng has really hard wings!”
“Even father, dare not answer your phone?”
“And this Han Li is also deliberately fighting with us haha. I don’t have much skill, but the shelf is not small!”
Qiu Guang was about to explode at the moment, and immediately cursed with a black face on the table.
The others were also silent, and the two of Wang Qiaoyu didn’t dare to let go of nonsense, and the whole family stared at them.
“Why don’t you speak anymore?”
“I was more active than anyone when I was grabbing merit, but now that something has happened, I’m so dumb!”
The old man Qiu suddenly drank it. Although they didn’t name their names, the two of Wang Qiaoyu’s heads were guilty-hearted, and they both wanted to bury their heads on the ground.
“Dad, what should we do now? Mucheng won’t answer our call at all?” Qiu Guang said anxiously.
Old man Qiu snorted coldly, “What else can I do? Prepare the car, and let me go to the third house to see Mucheng. By the way, take any good things at home, too.”
Father Qiu can’t help it. The Qiu family can’t lose this order. He could only put down the air and went to the door in person to invite Qiu Mucheng to preside over the overall situation.

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