A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 910

In panic, Xue Renyang immediately got up, walked over and kicked Xue Mingzhi again.
“Bastard stuff!”
“Do you dare to provoke anyone?”
“I give you the right to let you be the head of the Xue family. Is it for you to take care of things, not for you to provoke me?”
“Don’t get out of here, and apologize to the Dragon Lord.”
Xue Renyang roared with red eyes.
“And you, a bunch of idiots.”
“Your Patriarch is stupid, so are you also stupid?”
“How dare you point a gun at the dragon master?”
“I think you all don’t want to live anymore!”
“Kneel over to me and apologize!”
Xue Renyang’s old face was green, full of anger and panic.
After kicking his son, he stretched out his hands and slapped the Xue family who came with Xue Mingzhiyi.
How great is the majesty of the old man?
Under his anger, everyone in the Xue family, although full of doubts and puzzles, walked over with shame and knelt at the feet of Ye Fan.
However, Xue Mingzhi was filled with puzzlement and he was reluctant to kneel for a long time.
“Dad, why?”
“Why should we give him a country turtle to kneel down!”
“My Xue family is an upstart in Yanjing, a high-ranking family, and half of China has almost all our properties.”
“My Xue family 2a244c19 has a wealth of wealth, and my Xue family has a lot of money!”
“And he, Ye Fan, is just a country boy, incompetent as a son-in-law.”
“How can he make you and me bow down?”
“What qualifications does he have to make the Xue family bow my head?”
“He is not worthy!!”
Xue Mingzhi had already gotten up from the ground. At this time, he was full of unwillingness. He looked at his father Xue Renyang with red eyes, and kept shaking his head and shouting.
“You beast, silence me!”
However, when Xue Renyang heard what his son said, he was almost frightened.
In the roar, another slap slapped on Xue Mingzhi’s face.
“Do you know who you are insulting now?”
“You really want to destroy my Xue family and your father and my life’s legacy, so that you are willing?”
“You have to let the entire Xue family be buried with you this idiot before you stop?”
Xue Renyang gritted his teeth and roared frantically.
The whole body was so popular that he was about to split and his eyes were bloodshot.
He didn’t expect that up to now, his son is still stubborn and dare to insult Ye Fan?
Could it be that Ye Fan who thinks he offended him is not ruthless enough?
Does he think he died fast enough?
He really wanted to kill their family!
Xue Renyang was panicked, angry and angry.
However, even so, Xue Mingzhi was still puzzled and unwilling.
“Father, I don’t understand.”
“Why, why on earth?”
“This Ye Fan, how can you be so terrified and awed?”
“What qualifications does he have to make my Xue family bow down and apologize?”
“The man has gold under his knees. If I don’t understand it, even if I, Xue Mingzhi, were killed by you today, I would never kneel down to beg for mercy to a door-to-door son-in-law, a village turtle!”
“You…you…you rebellious son, really want to be pissed off as a father?”
“I, Xue Renyang, a wise life, why did I raise you, an idiot who doesn’t know the current affairs?” Xue Renyang trembled, howling sadly, almost teary.
He didn’t expect that by now, his own asshole son would still not bow his head for his so-called pride and face.
“Elder Xue, I didn’t expect your son to be very modest.” At this time, Ye Fan’s cold laughter came from behind him.
“However, Xue Mingzhi, since you insist on wanting to know why, then today, I will let you understand a little bit.”

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