A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 96

She didn’t know who she had provoke. When she left the Qiu family’s old house to find Chu Wenfei today, several people appeared and asked if she knew Mr. Chu, and said that there was a big order to talk to Mr. Chu. .
At that time, Qiu Muying was crazy, thinking that people from the Hongqi Group knew of her husband’s awesome identity, and all those who specially sent someone over to negotiate, so Qiu Muying did not hide it, saying that she knew each other and she belonged to Mr. Chu. Wife.
Who ever thought that Qiu Muying was knocked here by a stick just after she said her identity.
“Okay, as you wish, let you meet your husband.”
The tattooed man sneered, then turned on the computer camera, Ye Fan’s profile appeared immediately.
At first, Qiu Muying didn’t take a closer look, so she cried out: “Husband, husband, save me.”
“Husband, save me, some bad guys arrested me, they still bullied me, save my husband~”

“Tsk tut~”
“Look at Mrs. Zun’s pretty face that can be broken by a bomb. It’s all bleeding.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It’s so sad~”
“If I had such a flowery wife, even if I died, I would never let her suffer any harm.”
In the bar, the middle-aged man laughed wantonly while listening to the tearing cries in the computer.
“How about it, do you want to resist?”
“Killing, we are professional.”
“Now, do you want your life or your wife’s life?” The middle-aged man said in a deep voice, ready to appreciate Ye Fan’s painful and tangled expression.
As a professional killer, in order to complete the task, Huang Zhong also took great pains and made complete preparations. He only learned that Ye Fan was in Yunzhou through various channels and was called him Mr. Chu.
So, he followed the vine and grabbed Mr. Chu’s wife, using it as an insurance to deal with unexpected situations, so that he could use it as a threat and let Ye Fan get hold of it.
But who could have thought that Ye Fan smiled immediately after seeing it.
“What are you laughing at?” Huang Zhong’s old face suddenly sank.
“I laugh you are really a bunch of idiots.” Ye Fan said, shaking his head.
“Smelly boy, it seems that you won’t let your wife live?” Huang Zhong’s eyebrows were sharp as a knife.
At this time, Qiu Muying’s horrified roar came from the computer again.
“Husband, save me, save me, I’m afraid, Yingying is afraid~”
“Uuuuu~” Qiu Muying cried desperately.
“This lady, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but this husband can’t shout indiscriminately.”
“Although I am handsome and handsome, I can’t be my wife by anyone.”
Ye Fan’s voice came quietly from the computer.
On the other side of the computer, Qiu Muying was stunned.
“You silly, why are you? You have a shit here, my husband, go call me old~~”
Before Qiu Muying finished speaking, Ye Fan closed the computer with a snap.
“Mr. Huang, before you deal with me now, remember to bring your brain.” Ye Fan laughed, picked up the teacup, drank it, then got up, carried the big bag, and left.
Huang Zhong at this time was undoubtedly completely blown up. His face was blue and ugly.
Obviously, Huang Zhong also realized that they had caught the wrong person.
This time, as a professional killer, he was obviously embarrassed.
Annoyed into anger, Huang Zhong ran away in an instant: “Smelly boy, you dare to laugh at my profession and die!”
In the bar, Huang Zhong roared, and in the horrified eyes of everyone, he immediately kicked Ye Fan forward. At the same time, on Huang Zhong’s shoes, there was also a swish of a knife blade.
Obviously, Huang Zhong wanted a kick and directly killed Ye Fan.
Ye Fan also reacted extremely quickly, and immediately turned around, avoiding Huang Zhong’s attack. That fatal kick swept past Ye Fan’s arm, and finally kicked it onto the package Ye Fan was holding.
The package exploded, and the box of milk inside was splashed all over the floor.
Seeing the milk that was kicked by Huang Zhong, Ye Fan’s face changed abruptly, and it exploded in an instant.
“Ciao, dare to kick my wife’s milk?”
“My wife bought it!!”
In a rage, Ye Fan slapped with a heavy slap, and with a bang, he shot Huang Zhong directly on the wall. The bricks exploded, his whole body was sunk in, and he couldn’t buckle.

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