A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 97

Before Huang Zhong could even make a scream, he was slapped and fainted by Ye Fan.
This scene is undoubtedly frightening everyone.
Those far-sighted guests and waiters in the bar were even more stunned.
Especially the blind date girl, her beautiful eyes stared.
too strong.
The scene just now was like watching a movie.
The blind date girl never thought that such an awesome person actually existed, and he was still the target of his blind date.
As the saying goes, real people don’t show their faces, and they don’t show real people.
The blind date girl finally understands why the man in front of him is so low-key. Because this is the superior demeanor.
Such an expert, with such a skill, why worry that he has no money in his hands? Remember to read in one second
A blind date girl has heard that the annual salary of the bodyguard of the richest man in China is tens of millions. Even if he is not a bodyguard, the salary of being a national agent is definitely not low.
Maybe, now he is the bodyguard of a certain rich man, with an annual salary of tens of millions.
“No wonder, no wonder he was so peaceful when he heard about half a million annual salary just now”
“No wonder, no wonder he smiled when he faced the millionaire car I asked for.”
“It turns out that this is what he depends on.”
Thinking of this, the blind date’s face flushed with excitement. Seeing Ye Fan was about to leave, she ignored the redness on her face, got up and chased after her.
“Don’t leave, as long as you are willing to marry me, I can take back the request I just made.”
‘Hey~Don’t go away~’
“I want you to be my husband~”
The blind date girl yelled from behind, but the bar waiter reminded the blind date girl that there was a wife just now.
“What’s the matter if you have a wife? It’s okay to be a lover. He is so powerful, he can definitely make a lot of money~”
The blind date’s snobbery face continued to shout to Ye Fan, but Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to it and soon disappeared into the night.
The blind date girl was suddenly full of remorse, and she owed her lips. She should have had a better attitude towards Ye Fan just now.

“You said you are still near the station?”
“My God, how can you do it, can I use me to pick you up?” Qiu Mucheng’s slightly sullen voice came on the phone.
Ye Fan said it was unnecessary, and asked Qiu Mucheng to send a location, and he could find it by himself.
Soon, Ye Fan went downstairs, and Qiu Mucheng came out to pick him up. After seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng’s first sentence was: “Where is my milk?”
Ye Fan glanced at Qiu Mucheng’s chest, “Why don’t those two be there?”
Qiu Mucheng was stunned for a while, before she understood Ye Fan’s meaning, her face flushed with anger, and said angrily: “Ye Fan, please be more serious about this lady.”
“Where is the box of milk I brought to grandma?” Qiu Mucheng asked angrily.
No way, Ye Fanku had to laugh and explain that he was robbed on the road, otherwise he wouldn’t arrive so late.
“I really convinced you!”
“A big man, can someone steal something?”
“Why did I, Qiu Mucheng, married you back then?” Qiu Mucheng’s nose was almost crooked when she heard it.
I only feel that Ye Fan is not enough to succeed, and that he is more than defeated.
“Maybe because I’m handsome.” Ye Fan whispered back.
“What are you talking about?” Qiu Mucheng suddenly stared.
“Nothing, I said I was wrong.” Ye Fan also knew that he was at fault, obediently admitted his mistake and apologized.
“Okay, let’s go buy it at night, and go up with me to see my uncle and aunt.” Qiu Mucheng didn’t blame Ye Fan any more, and took Ye Fan upstairs together.
In the room, Ye Fan’s aunt was still busy cooking. At this time, Sun Yuhao and a middle-aged man were sitting on the sofa, chatting and watching TV.
That middle-aged man was indeed Qiu Mucheng’s uncle Han Hai.
“Mucheng, what are you doing now, why don’t you come over and chat with Yuhao?”
“Yuhao is very busy, but this time he specifically asked for leave to pick you up.”
Han Hai immediately urged when Qiu Mucheng came back.
“Well, why did you bring him?” At this time, Han Hai naturally saw Ye Fan behind Qiu Mucheng, frowning, and asked displeasedly.

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