A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 962

“Meng Han, I don’t allow you to say that to my Xiao Fan brother.”
What Meng Han said was so ugly that Xu Lei couldn’t listen to it anymore.
Suddenly defended the road unhappy.
“Xiao Lei, now, are you still defending him?”
“He is talking nonsense here in your face, attacking your classmates. He is also slapping you in the face.”
“What’s more, it will be verified after a while that this watch is true, and then you will be ashamed.”
“Unless, you also think what he said is true?”
Meng Han put on a look for Xu Lei’s sake, but kept talking.
However, before Xu Lei could answer, Ye Fan’s voice sounded again.
“It seems that you still don’t believe it.”
“In that case, there is no need to say anything.”
“When we came just now, there was an official Rolex watch store throughout.”
“If it’s true or false, you will know it at first inspection.”
Ye Fan’s face was calm, and the verbal criticism of Guo Yawen and others just now did not make Ye Fan’s mood fluctuate.
“Boy, you’re still enthusiastic, right?”
“Is this watch is true or not, I don’t know, it still needs to be tested?”
“You, a terrapin who can’t even buy a watch, dare to speak up. Can you see the true or false of my millions of watches?”
Lei Dongbao was angry.
“Yes, what are you?”
“You just want us to check the truth?”
“Then for a while, if you say that my husband’s underwear is a high imitation fake, does my husband have to take off the underwear for you to check the authenticity?”
Guo Yawen sneered, with cold eyes, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.
Meng Han looked even more contemptuous, only thinking that Ye Fan was really good at it.
Take yourself too seriously, right?
A word of nothing makes people run over to verify the truth?
The reason why Guo Yawen made an official phone call to verify the authenticity just now was because what Ye Fan said was a bit reasonable, and Meng Han also doubted it. In order to prove her innocence, Guo Yawen took the initiative to call to verify.
Otherwise, how could Guo Yawen care about Ye Fan’s nonsense?
But now, Ye Fan said nothing, no one believed it, and Lei Dongbao and his wife naturally didn’t bother to test it.
But Ye Fan was not in a hurry. After taking a sip of coffee, he continued: “President Lei, if I expected it to be good, you bought this watch and that bag with the same friend.”
“Do you think he dare to buy you a fake bag, but he dare not buy you a fake watch?”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Lei Dongbao only felt a little throb in his heart, and he immediately went cold for three minutes.
Obviously, Ye Fan’s words undoubtedly woke him up.
“I just kindly remind you, lest you be deceived and you don’t know it. Of course, it’s up to you.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly.
Lei Dongbao’s old face has turned pale.
Obviously, he was also drumming in his heart.
No, this guy really guessed it, right?
“Stop talking nonsense here!”
“You just insulted me just now, now you insult my husband. 8390f744”
“If you don’t apologize for this matter today, we are not over!”
Guo Yawen was still roaring.
But Lei Dongbao turned his head and left.
“Husband, where are you going?” Guo Yawen asked immediately.
“I guess it’s going to check the authenticity of the watch, right? Let’s go, let’s go over and take a look.” Ye Fan looked like the excitement was not too big, and then took Xu Lei over.
And Meng Han said that he would go to the toilet first and chase after him later.
Therefore, the three of Xu Lei passed first.
When they felt in front of the watch shop, Lei Dongbao seemed to have finished his experience and walked out of it with a dark face.

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