A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 978

Ye Fan’s words were low, but in his calm tone, there was more and more power.
Xu Lei’s mood immediately calmed down a lot.
She nodded heavily at Ye Fan, hummed softly, and then followed Ye Fan along.
“Xiao Lei, where are you going?”
Seeing Ye Fan and Xu Lei suddenly leaving the meeting, Meng Han suddenly asked in confusion.
But maybe it was because the voices were too mixed, or Xu Lei was too lost. She didn’t even hear Meng Han’s question, and followed Ye Fan out of the venue.
“What else can I do?”
“It’s estimated that the worm went out of the brain to love it?”
“Didn’t you not see, they were so crooked just now. Still let the poor dick bit her nose?”
“I really don’t know what Xiao Lei’s vision is?”
“I’m desperate for this kind of stuff.”
“Is she still a flower?”
“Simply lose the face of our finance department!”
Guo Yawen snorted and said with disdain.
Ye Fan and Xu Lei were already on the deck outside the cruise ship.
Soon, he saw the majestic figure.
“Second Uncle.”
Seeing this person, Xu Lei may be because of a guilty conscience, or perhaps because of fear, and whispered to him second uncle.
Then he lowered his head, afraid to look at him.
Xu Lei originally thought that what she was about to face would be her second uncle’s angry scolding.
But to her surprise, Xu Fengliang didn’t get angry, but looked at the girl who had already gone out in front of her, and smiled lightly: “I’m grown up.”
“The little girl who cried when I was trained, has become a big girl now.”
“This beauty at least inherits your mother’s seven points of beauty.”
“The remaining three points are even worse than your mother.”
“If my brother and my sister-in-law see that their daughter is also a beautiful woman, and her appearance is not inferior to her mother, how pleased they will be.”
Xu Fengliang’s deep words echoed slowly with the cold wind on the lake.
As Xu Lei listened, her beautiful eyes had already turned red.
Two lines of tears kept shed.
“Second Uncle, yes… I’m sorry, Xiao Lei disappointed Second Uncle.”
Xu Lei sobbed, her voice choked, tears dripping like a broken kite.
“Xiao Lei, don’t say sorry.”
“People can not escape from doing wrong.”
“As long as you know your mistakes and repent, you will still be Xu Fengliang’s most beloved niece, and you will still be the daughter of my Xu family.”
“I know that Meifeng and the others are not good to you. I agree that you marry the Xue family, one for the family, and the other for you.”
“I have been away all year round, and it is difficult to protect you often in Xu’s house. When you enter Xue’s house, Meifeng and others will no longer be able to target you.”
“Moreover, on the day you got married, your dowry was 40% of the Xu family’s shares.”
“This share, which belonged to your father back then, is naturally given to you now.”
Having said this, Xu Fengliang immediately shook his head, slightly disappointed.
“Well, you avoid it first, I have something to say, I have to talk to this person who claims to be Mr. Ye before me.”
After a moment of silence, Xu Fengliang suddenly withdrew Xu Lei and said that he wanted to chat with Ye Fan alone.

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