A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 977

“Who knows?”
“But I heard that the Xue family was kicked out of the Longyang Martial Arts Hall by the Zhao and Lin families.”
“The previous three upstart alliance, now there is no Xue family.”
Everyone around was talking about it.
Even audiences like them can see a bit of suspicion, and this is enough to prove how embarrassing the Xue family is today.
However, when everyone was waiting for the boxing match to begin, Xu Lei’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated a few times.
Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan clearly felt that the beautiful body of the woman next to him trembled suddenly after looking at the phone.
“Xiao Lei, what’s the matter?”
Ye Fan looked back, only to find that the pretty and beautiful family in front of him, above the stunning faces, turned out to be inhumane.
“Brother Xiaofan, my second uncle, he is here.”
Xu Lei’s words trembled a little.
In the eyebrows, there are full of deep worries and panic.
In the entire Xu family, the person who can awe Xu Lei is Xu Fengliang, the current Patriarch of the Xu family and the younger brother of Xu Lei’s father.
Xu Fengliang is naturally no ordinary person to be the head of the Xu family.
Back then, Xu Fengliang was the right arm of Xu Lei’s father, and the person her father trusted most.
What’s more, since Xu Lei’s parents passed away, Xu Fengliang has treated Xu Lei well.
Every birthday, Xu Lei receives the only blessing from Xu Fengliang.
Moreover, in recent years, Xu Lei encountered setbacks in Jiangdong 2912cbf8, and encountered difficulties, and Xu Fengliang secretly helped solve them.
After the entire Xu family, the most shameless person Xu Lei faces now is her second uncle, Xu Fengliang.
But now, what should come is finally here.
“what did he say?”
Ye Fan looked solemn, and asked Xu Lei in a low voice.
Xu Lei passed the phone to Ye Fan, with a message on it.
“Outside the gate, bring him to see me.”
A few words, short and to the point.
From this, it is enough to see that Xu Fengliang’s character must be that kind of stern and majestic person.
“Brother Xiaofan, my second uncle asked me to take you and meet him outside.” Xu Lei whispered again at this moment, with fear and concern in her tone.
“I know.”
Ye Fan nodded.
He returned the phone to Xu Lei, raised his head, and saw that at the entrance in front, there were several figures standing respectfully.
Where these bodyguards are guarding, a middle-aged man stands proudly with his eyes full of power.
Those turbid and majestic old eyes stared at the direction of Ye Fan and Xu Lei.
Even if he hasn’t seen him, Ye Fan can conclude that this person is Xu Lei’s second uncle, the head of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang.
“Come on, Xiao Lei.”
“It’s time to see your second uncle.”
“Take you back to Jiangdong, I always want to let you know the parents of Xu.”
Ye Fan looked calm and smiled lightly. Get up to take Xu Lei over.
“Brother Xiaofan, I…”
However, Xu Lei grabbed the corner of Ye Fan’s clothes, her teeth bit her red lips tightly, and the beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were full of worries and fears and worries in her heart.
She was afraid that her second uncle would be against Ye Fan.
She was even more afraid, afraid that if she left, she would be taken back to Xu’s house and would never see her Xiao Fan brother again.
Seeing Xu Lei’s panic, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, lightly scratching Xu Lei’s pink and tender nose: “Okay, it’s okay.”
“I said, Ye Fan, I want to take you away from Xu’s house and return to Jiangdong, then I will take you back to Jiangdong.”
“No matter who comes, it will be from my side and can’t take you away.”

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