A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 981

Hearing Ye Fan’s young and arrogant words, Xu Fengliang kept drinking.
Every shout of anger is just like thunder exploding here.
“A punch?”
“who do you think You Are?”
“Is it a heavenly god? Or hell Shura?”
“The Monkey King of Journey to the West has 72 changes and supernatural powers. In the end, he failed to break the shackles and was suppressed by the Buddha at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain.”
“Even the protagonist in mythological novels does not have the courage to break through thousands of shackles?”
“You, a country boy, Jiangdong Turtle, dare to speak such a wild word!”
“How is it different from that ignorant idiot who blocks the car?”
“Just like you, you dare to covet me Xiaolei?”
“Don’t even think about it in this life!”
Xu Fengliang’s old face was sullen and angry.
At the end, he walked away directly.
But he didn’t even look at Ye Fan.
He originally thought that Ye Fan could conquer the group of ground snakes in Jiangdong, even if it was not comparable to their Yanjing giants, but at least it was a promising young man at that time.
But now it seems that he thinks too much.
“Mr. Chu?”
“I think it’s just ignorant of the height of the sky!”
Such an arrogant and arrogant person, Xu Fengliang is unwilling to waste any time on such idiots.
Before returning to the boxing venue, Xu Fengliang shouted to a subordinate beside him in a cold voice: “After the boxing match is over, immediately take Xu Lei back to Xu’s house.”
“If anyone stops, you don’t have to be polite, don’t worry about killing!”
“The corpse, throw it into Yanqi Lake to feed the fish!”
Xu Fengliang said this in a loud voice, which was obviously deliberately told to Ye Fan.
Then, Xu Fengliang entered the venue.
Behind him, only those Xu Jiawei remained, looking at the thin young man still standing on the deck with pity.
“Isn’t it good to be alive?”
“Why look for death?”
The Xu family shook his head and smiled, and left soon.
Offended Xu Fengliang, in their eyes, Ye Fan was afraid that he was not far from death.
Here, there is a breeze.
On Yanqi Lake, the smoke waves are vast.
The clear lake is like a mirror, with ripples.
In the cold wind, Ye Fan stood there like this, his thin body stood upright like a spear.
Among the deep brows and eyes, what is reflected is the sea of ​​stars!
“Xu Fengliang, in your eyes, Yanjing is the capital of Huaxia. Huaxia Zun is the highest point of Yanjing. Both the Lin family and Zhao family are business giants beyond my reach.”
“But, how would you know that in my eyes, Yanjing, no matter how big it is, is nothing but a small place.”
“No matter how tall Huaxia Zun is, it is not as good as what I can do.”
“No matter how powerful the Lin and Zhao families are, they will eventually be stepped on by me.”
“What you are after is the Lord of Yenching. But what I am after is the Lord of this world!”
On Yanqi Lake, Ye Fan stood proudly with his hand.
Amidst the awe-inspiring laughter, there is full of supreme power!
After a while, Ye Fan had already returned to his position.
“Brother Xiaofan, my second uncle, didn’t you embarrass you?”
Seeing Ye Fan’s return, Xu Lei was worried and asked in a low voice.
Ye Fan smiled lightly: “No.”
“Xiao Lei, don’t worry, as long as you don’t want to, even the head of the Xu family can’t force you to do anything.”
Ye Fan didn’t tell Xu Lei what happened just now, and there is no need to say it.
That is a matter between men. Even if you tell Xu Lei, it will not be of any use, it will only make her worry.

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