A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1492

I have to say that Qin Long is very powerful, he is less than 30 years old, he is a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm, and Qin Long’s life experience is prominent, his family is a big family in Yandu, and his future is unlimited.
It can be called a dragon and a phoenix among the people.
If Shangguan Shuyao didn’t know Lin Ziming, then she would be conquered by Qin Long, but when she knew Lin Ziming, she had no feelings for Qin Long by contrast.
It is not that Qin Long is not good enough, but that there is another man who is better than Qin Long.
In fact, after meeting Lin Ziming in the Yandu compound that day, Shangguan Shuyao remembered Lin Ziming, and always wanted to find Lin Ziming. If she had something to do in Yandu, she could not walk away. She had already come to Huacheng to look for Lin Ziming.
However, during that time, she was also not idle. She had been paying attention to Lin Ziming and investigated Lin Ziming’s information. The deeper she understood, the more surprised she was and her interest in Lin Ziming grew. !
As the second young master of the Lin family of the Hwaseong family, he was expelled from the family because of unfair treatment. He fell from heaven to hell and became the son-in-law of the Chu family of the small family. In the days of uselessness, it was not until later that Grandpa Lin Ziming passed away and inherited the inheritance to Lin Ziming, that he was able to stand up.
Later, in a short period of time, Ziqiong Media became popular, and he quickly stepped into the congenital realm, and his cultivation was advancing all the way…
Especially some time ago, on Junlin Mountain, with an absolute advantage, he defeated the Luo Tian organization Southern Territory King Lei Zhen and killed Lei Zhen!
In contrast, Qin Long is indeed far behind Lin Ziming, and is not at the same level at all.
Although Qin Long was excellent, most of it was built on the basis of the Qin family. If he left the Qin family, Qin Long would be just an ordinary person and would definitely not be able to reach his current realm, let alone compare with Lin Ziming.
Not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods
Shangguan Shuyao knew that there were people like Lin Ziming in the world, so naturally he couldn’t have the slightest interest in Qin Long.
She shook her head and said, “Not for this reason, but my boyfriend is about to arrive.”
Shangguan Shuyao paused, and said apologetically, “Big Brother Qin, so I am embarrassed.”
As these words fell, the atmosphere of the scene immediately changed in a subtle way. Qin Long, who had been talking eloquently, looked very elegant and generous, changed his eyes, became gloomy, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly!
Shangguan Shuyao actually has a boyfriend, and if he speaks out in this situation, he is just slapping him in the face!
He didn’t speak, but a young man behind him stood up and said in a joking tone: “Shu Yao, are you kidding? Everyone is playing in a circle. You have a boyfriend. We don’t know yet. ?”
Another person also said: “Yes, if you have a boyfriend, you won’t spread it.”
These two are obviously Qin Long’s dog legs, and help Qin Long ask what he wants to ask.
Shangguan Shuyao is indeed well-known in Yandu’s circle. Compared with Qin Long, he is not inferior, and even more distinguished, because Shangguan Shuyao is the granddaughter of Shangguan Wei’an and the father of Shangguan Shuyao The official career is also a Pingchuan, flourishing day by day.
In fact, in addition to Qin Long, there are still many people who made Guan Shuyao’s idea, but because of Qin Long, they dare not pursue Shangguan Shuyao anymore.

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