A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1493

In the eyes of many people, Qin Long and Shangguan Shuyao are indeed a match made in heaven. They are both good men and women. Both of them are so good. The children they give birth in the future are definitely not in the pool.
Many people think that Shangguan Shuyao’s so-called boyfriends are just witty words that deliberately pissed off Qin Long. They are probably playing tricks. In many people’s eyes, Shangguan Shuyao and Qin Long are already lovers. Relationship.
Shangguan Shuyao smiled without explaining anything, and said with a smile: “He is not from Yandu, so I didn’t tell you, but he will be here soon, and you will be able to see it then.”
With a happy smile on her face, she looked completely in love, not like a joke.
As a result, Qin Long’s face became even more ugly.
In the circle, who doesn’t know that he likes Shangguan Shuyao, and he is sure to get it. Before, Shangguan Shuyao has always been single. He still feels that he has a good chance and thinks that Shangguan Shuyao will be his sooner or later.
But now, silently, Shangguan Shuyao was chased away, robbed of love by the sword. In terms of his character, no matter where he accepted this kind of thing, his face would not look good at the moment!
Many people at the scene also looked at Qin Long and fell silent for fear of touching Qin Long’s mold. When everyone saw Qin Long’s gloomy look, they were obviously angry.
Some men who were secretly in love with Shangguan Shuyao, but because of Qin Long’s strength, did not dare to pursue them, now they are quite gloating.
As for those women, how many favor Qin Long, secretly happy, if Qin Long and Shangguan Shuyao can’t make it, then they also have a chance.
However, they all have a consensus that when Shangguan Shuyao’s boyfriend comes over, there will be a good show.
If this so-called boyfriend’s background is not big, it will be miserable and will be suppressed to death by Qin Long! But having said that, Shangguan Shuyao’s boyfriend, no matter how old he is, where can he go? How powerful can a small Hwaseong be cultivated?
There is a good saying that mice don’t have big sores on their tails, and it is impossible to train many people in such a small place as Hwaseong. As a Yandu native, he is indeed proud.
Qin Long is angry, he still has this kind of demeanor. If he is angry, he will appear even more immature. He took a deep breath, smiled, and said, “Is that right, then I am looking forward to it.” See what kind of man can get your heart.”
This sentence is normal, with a smile on his face, and there is no abnormality on the surface, but everyone who knows him knows that when he speaks like this, it means that he is already angry. Many people present are there. Feel sympathy for this upcoming’boyfriend’.
It’s not good to chase after someone, but chasing after Guan Shuyao and grabbing a girlfriend with Qin Long, isn’t this looking for death!
The corners of Shangguan Shuyao’s mouth rose slightly, drawing a meaningful smile.
Because of the incident just now, the atmosphere of the scene has become different.
After a while, Shangguan Shuyao’s cell phone rang. It was originally a humble thing in this kind of banquet, but it attracted a lot of people’s attention. Shangguan Shuyao didn’t avoid suspicion, so he answered the phone directly and it was Lin Ziming. of.

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