A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1510

Daniel and the others were gearing up, surrounded them, and wanted to do it again.
This group of foreigners was full of disdain, and didn’t put them in their eyes at all. Instead, they hooked their fingers and provoked.
At this moment, Lin Ziming spoke, “Stop it.”
Daniel and the others respected Lin Ziming, stopped immediately, and said to Lin Ziming: “Chief instructor, they are too much! We must teach them a lesson, otherwise they will have to make an inch of it and don’t put our Hua Guo in the eyes. what!”
Other people also expressed their opinions one after another, their eyes were red, and they could see that they were really angry and annoyed.
The dozen or so Lin family members were also looking straight at Lin Ziming, but none of them had a word. For them, the appearance of Lin Ziming made them very embarrassed.
A few years ago, they drove out Lin Ziming like a dog, humiliating Lin Ziming to their heart’s content. At that time, the Lin family was still the first family of Hwaseong City, with endless scenery, but Lin Ziming was just a dog who lost the family.
It is hard to imagine that the feng shui takes turns, and within a few years, the identities between the two parties have undergone an earth-shaking change.
Especially Lin Zihao, his mood now is even more uncomfortable.
“You are not their opponents.” Lin Ziming said lightly, immediately making Daniel and the others ashamed, and bowed their heads, “Chief instructor, we are not used to it, and it’s shameful for you.”
Lin Ziming waved his hand and said to the foreigners, “Who gave you the courage to make trouble in China?”
He stepped out now, staring at the other person, quite a bit of a savvy man.
But those foreigners didn’t know who the young man they were facing was. They thought Lin Ziming was just a silver gun and wax head, and immediately a tall foreigner said arrogantly: “I’m making trouble in your country. , What can you do? We can come to China to give you the face of China! You China should entertain us with the best sincerity, otherwise, our country will not come to your China to invest or give you the use of technology. You are back to the feudal era in an instant.”
Lin Ziming squinted his eyes, his heart was already a little angry, “I am the chief instructor of the third place of Hua Guo Xuanyuan, since you have arrived in our country, you should abide by the rules of our country. The rules, even beat our Chinese compatriots, and dared to blackmail on the spot. According to our Chinese laws, all of you will go to jail! However, our Chinese has always been a state of etiquette, thinking that you are the first offenders, I can give you tolerance . Now you apologize and make compensation immediately, and I can go to jail without arresting you.”
As if they heard a big joke, these foreigners laughed loudly, looking at Lin Ziming’s eyes as if they were looking at a clown.
“Hahaha, I heard something wrong, right? This yellow-skinned monkey actually said that he would arrest us and go to jail?”
“This is a lunatic, right.”
“No, this is a fool, his brain is burned out.”
“No wonder Hua is so weak that even such a fool can become a chief instructor. Hua is unpopular.”
When everyone heard these words, they gritted their teeth and hated them. Those Lin family originally had hope for Lin Ziming, but now they all feel that Lin Ziming is afraid of these foreigners, bullying and fearing hardship.
Lin Ziming laughed at this moment, “I have given you the opportunity. Since you don’t cherish it, don’t blame me for being polite.”
When the voice fell, he shot directly…

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