A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1516

And he didn’t believe it, Lin Ziming dared not to dodge.
Lin Ziming’s eyes were fierce. He couldn’t see the other party’s thoughts. At the moment, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth again, and he did not evade, letting the foreigner’s finger stick into his throat.
However, what happened next, once again subverted everyone’s cognition, I saw a clanging sound, like a foreigner’s finger, not stuck in the throat, but on the hard metal.
Accompanied by a scream of pain.
But it was not from Lin Ziming, but from the foreigner. He really felt that his finger was stabbed on the hard steel, his fingers were bent, and even fractured.
When he wanted to pull it out, he found that Lin Ziming nodded and stuck his hand with his chin, unable to pull it out.
“Are you a human or a ghost?!” The foreigner no longer has the arrogance and arrogance just now, but is full of fear and amazement. The power that Lin Ziming has shown has subverted his cognition, and he has never seen it. With such a powerful person, even a 4s-level superpower can’t do this!
Lin Ziming nodded directly and fractured his fingers. When the other party retreated in horror, he shot, casually pinched the other party‚Äôs neck, lifted it up with one hand, and said domineering words: “Just like you ants, you dare to be on the ground in China. Saye, I think you are living impatiently.”
He is obviously shorter than a foreigner, but now, in everyone’s eyes, his image does not know how tall a foreigner is, like a god, and the foreigner in his hands is as fragile as a chicken.
The foreigner actually didn’t suffer too much injury, but his guts had been frightened by Lin Ziming, his brain was in a panic, and he had no intention of resisting, but his legs were kicking in the air. Especially Lin Ziming pinched his neck, as if pinched his veins directly, making him unable to open it.
His pupils now exude intense fear and pleading: “Help, help…”
Of course, Lin Ziming wouldn’t let him go so easily. The constant tightening of his right hand, the powerful force made his neck scream, which sounded particularly terrifying.
The foreigner couldn’t breathe anymore, his face was red. He looked at the blond foreigner next to him with difficulty, and begged with his eyes: Help me, help me…
The blonde foreigner was also shocked by this scene. Before that, he had never thought that something like this would happen. In particular, he has a deep contempt for China, and he has never thought that such a perverted master will appear in China. This is really beyond his expectation. It caused him to be in a cold sweat for a while. It came crashing down, not knowing what to do.
The Daniels and the others clenched their teeth tightly. They were so excited that their faces were flushed. It was so happy. These incredible foreigners thought they were awesome, but in front of the chief instructor, they were like ants. ! The behavior of the chief instructor has greatly improved the face of China.
As for everyone in the Lin family, they can no longer describe their current mood. They are always dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded and in awe and subversive state. They have always wondered whether they have hallucinations, and this is not what they know. Lin Ziming from here?
As time passed bit by bit, the foreigner was in Lin Ziming’s hands, already rolling his eyes, seeing that he was about to be strangled alive, and finally the blonde foreigner couldn’t help it. He took two steps forward, took a deep breath, and closed. With the arrogance and the principal just now, his attitude improved a lot, and he said to Lin Ziming: “Chinese people, I admit that I underestimated you just now. I didn’t think that you are also a supernatural person. This time I count you as winning. I will give you face. Don’t pursue the matter this time, please let go of my companion.”
Although he had let go of his arrogant posture, he was very arrogant and refused to admit his mistakes to Lin Ziming. In his tone, he still revealed that he did not want to have the same knowledge as Lin Ziming.
Naturally, Lin Ziming would not agree. He didn’t even understand the other party, and continued to pinch the foreigner. It seemed that he was trying to choke the other party alive.

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