A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1517

When the blonde foreigner saw this scene, his brows jumped fiercely twice. With his cleverness, he wouldn’t be able to tell. Lin Ziming was giving him a show of power and asking him to bow his head and apologize!
To be honest, Jack really didn’t want to do this. Although he admitted that Lin Ziming was indeed very strong and had already surpassed him, but it was nothing more than that. His instructor was much better than Lin Ziming. Moreover, he believes to the bottom that the Chinese are a despicable race, and they are far from being white and noble!
He even thought at one time that the Chinese were still in the image of a monkey, and it was impossible for a noble race like him to bow his head to admit his mistakes with the Chinese.
However, if his companion died here, he would not be able to escape responsibility.
He stared at Lin Ziming firmly, took a strong breath, and decided to bow his head to Lin Ziming. After he returned, he told the instructor to let the instructor teach this guy severely.
Therefore, he made a difficult decision, bowed his head, and said to Lin Ziming: “Dear Sir, you are a 4s-level superpower with outstanding ability and distinguished status. Please let go of Tom. We will thank you! ”
The corner of Lin Ziming’s mouth raised, revealing a smile that was not a smile, as if he had accepted the other’s apology and let go of the foreigner named Tom.
With a plop, he was already dying, and Tom, who was a little confused, fell to the ground, and there was a pool of water on his crotch, which turned out to be the pee that was scared by Lin Ziming just now.
The blonde foreigner Jack was very angry, but people had to bow their heads under the eaves, and he didn’t expose this anger. Now Lin Ziming’s strength is indeed stronger than him, and he can’t do it hard.
He took a deep breath, and then he was about to carry Tom on his back.
When he came over, Lin Ziming stepped forward and stepped on Tom’s chest to prevent him from walking.
Jack said, “Dear sir, what do you mean by that?”
Lin Ziming looked at him faintly, and said, “You still don’t apologize to my compatriots.”
Lin Ziming pointed to the Lin family behind him, and the corners of Jack’s mouth twitched twice again. This damned Chinese dare to humiliate him like this!
He can apologize to Lin Ziming, because Lin Ziming is indeed a super strong, but the Chinese behind them are all rubbish. There is no one that is powerful. What is the difference between them and ants. I want him to apologize to these ants, Lord He will be blamed!
So he simply refused, and said loudly: “Dear Sir, you are a 4s-level ability person, I can apologize to you, but these are all ants, rubbish, I as a noble ability person , It is impossible to apologize to them.”
When he said these words, the faces of all the Lin family members were very ugly, and they were greatly humiliated. This humiliation was even greater than before Lin Ziming came just now!
Especially Lin Zihao, he now clenched his fist tightly, his face was green, and he lowered his head. He had never felt so uncomfortable.
He had always surpassed Lin Ziming and rode on Lin Ziming’s head. Five years ago, Lin Ziming was expelled from the Lin family and he was the one who operated the sword.

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