A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1659

Speaking of which, nothing happened in the past day. According to the logic of normal people, it is impossible to be so powerful in such a short period of time. This completely subverts common sense.
That’s because most people can’t reach Lin Ziming’s realm. Just like ordinary people, they can’t understand it anyway, just like cutting-edge technology.
Lin Ziming is now almost a super powerhouse with half of his foot in the realm of the gods. Especially, he condensed his own’general trend’ under the circumstances of mishaps, which is doomed. He and ordinary warriors, It’s not a level at all.
Although it has been less than a day, because his mental power has increased sharply, he has secreted too many hormones, and constantly tempered his body. These strengths are in fact completely reasonable.
Moreover, he still has a lot of room for improvement.
Lin Ziming can probably perceive that after this time the Kung Fu Cup is held, his strength will at least increase by one to two times compared with the present!
This is a terrible thing.
So so many Dzogchen masters in the Innate Realm, they all want to brew their own “big trend” in their dreams, but it is indeed too difficult and too difficult. In many cases, it is not an individual’s talent, but a kind of air luck !
Even a person like Little Valkyrie didn’t brew his own general trend, because this was not personally controllable at all.
It can be said that all the Dzogchen masters of the Innate Realm, the more they want to brew their general trend, the more difficult it is to brew it out. This cannot be done deliberately.
If Lin Ziming did not happen to meet this Kung Fu Cup, he felt the tragic and strong hopes of the nation, and inspired the mysterious and mysterious state, he would not be able to brew into a general trend at all, even if it was exhausted. Life may not be able to condense.
So Lin Ziming feels that he is still very fortunate that God is not thin to him, the more he is like this, the more he feels that he has a great responsibility!
Since God has given him this opportunity, then he can’t waste his own ability and want to lead China to glory again.
This is his responsibility and his mission.
“Instructor Lin, is your current strength stronger than before?”
Li Dao asked this sentence, which everyone wanted to ask.
After he asked, everyone immediately looked at him closely. After all, he now represents the hope of the entire Chinese nation.
Because of the special nature of the Kung Fu Cup, he is the only one who can handle it now.
Lin Ziming nodded and smiled and said, “Probably doubled.”
Heh…When he heard what he said, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
You know, Lin Ziming himself is strong enough.
Known as the first person under the realm of the gods, even the internationally renowned middle view Junichiro and Hei Mamba are not his opponents.
They all thought that Lin Ziming had already stood at the top of the innate realm of Dzogchen, but now, Lin Ziming told them that their strength has doubled…At this moment, neither of them Knowing what to say, it is too shocking!
After a while, Peng Zhuo said, “Instructor Lin, you are really awesome!”
Even Peng Zhuo, who has always been gentle and elegant, couldn’t help but say indecent words at this time, showing how shocking he was.
Zhao Xia clenched his fists, and said excitedly: “That’s great! This is an absolute good thing! With the current strength of Instructor Lin, even in the quarterfinals, there is no problem, and he can definitely help us Hua Guo , Get back the championship! And have the qualifications to go to the secret realm ! Hahaha!” Hearing this, the others also reacted, yes, Lin Ziming’s strength improved, then their odds of winning would be even greater.

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