A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1674

Just imagining it on his own has already made him feel very uncomfortable. After all, he is also a native of Chinese. He has a sincere Chinese heart in his heart. He wants him to watch his compatriots die in front of him. , He can’t be indifferent.
After all, he has never been an indifferent person, he is full of emotion, he is full of blood, he is full of passion, otherwise he will not reach this state.
Opening his eyes, he nodded and said: “Try it.”
Peng Zhuo and the others are not good to say anything.
The next game continued. Lin Ziming did what he promised just now. He didn’t back down. Even if he didn’t participate in the game, he didn’t leave the scene, but always watched on the audience stage.
On this first day, in the arena, twelve Chinese martial artists have already been killed!
Among them, there are eight Chinese martial artists, all still have the opportunity to surrender, but they did not surrender, but chose to burn their own lives, even if they stand to die, they are not willing to live on their knees!
Not only Lin Ziming, but all the Chinese people present were touched by this spirit. Sun Liang saw tears streaming down his face, his fists were tightly clenched, and he kept saying: “This bunch of beasts, this bunch of beasts. It’s a pity that Lao Tzu can’t play, otherwise Lao Tzu will have to kill enough to kill!” It
’s not just him who made the same sound. As Zhao Xia with a more violent personality, he yelled, “I want to end now. Kill these beasts! These are the elites of our country, they are all the good erlangs of our country!!”
General Qin has been silent for a long time, and his eyes are now red. After so many days of Kung Fu Cup, He has always been able to maintain the posture of Taishan collapsed and unchanging. He is an iron-faced general, but at this moment, he has seen so many outstanding Chinese compatriots burning his own lives and defending the dignity of the motherland, even if it is him Can’t help but cry!
He clenched his fist heavily, did not say anything cruel, nor vented any anger, but said generously and forcefully: “This is the good son of our country, the good son of blood and flesh! They are all of China. Heroes, we can’t forget their names!”
His words were full of power and made many people hear them. He also nodded vigorously and kept it silently in his heart. He must not be able to look at the lives of these Chinese elders.
They may have spent half of their lives ordinary in society, but now they are no longer ordinary. They have used their blood to defend the dignity of the motherland. They are all heroes worthy of respect!
Not only them, but many other Chinese people, and all the Chinese people who saw this scene at the scene, shed tears and were deeply moved, including Ouyang Yanran and Yang Guiying who came in a few days ago. Now they are too early. There is no desire and relaxation of the Kung Fu Cup at the beginning.
Now each of them was covered with tears on their faces, and looked closely at the compatriots who burned their lives on the ring.
Yang Guiying murmured: “It turns out that what Master said is true, and the Kung Fu Cup is really cruel…”
Ouyang Yanran said, “Even if it is cruel, their sacrifices are valuable. They are all Heroes worthy of respect.”
And Yao Wei and Liu Xu, they also have not had the arrogance and ease at the beginning. Now they are full of heavy and respectful faces. At the same time, they can’t help but set their eyes on the audience stage. That person has been standing for a long, long time without any movement.
Lin Ziming.

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