A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1673

Those Innate Realm Dzogchen masters who had complained in the past are slowly calming down. They are very afraid that Lin Ziming is good, but it does not mean that they will lose their minds. In fact, After they listened to Solomon’s words, they also reacted immediately.
The two Chinese martial artists who were killed just now were actually still young, mainly because they didn’t know Lin Ziming, so the blow to Lin Ziming was not that big.
It’s just an appetizer.
After that, there are more Chinese warriors who have not played. The most important thing is that the Chinese warriors who are related to Lin Ziming and know Lin Ziming have not yet played.
When they had a meeting, they focused their attention on the agents at Xuanyuan 3, because they all investigated. Lin Ziming was the chief instructor at Xuanyuan 3, and all the agents at Xuanyuan 3 belonged to Lin Ziming. Disciples, many of them are still very close.
If these agents were beaten to death in the ring in front of Lin Ziming, then the blow to Lin Ziming would be considered a big blow!
They didn’t believe that Lin Ziming’s psychological quality was really so strong. They saw that such a compatriot was beaten to death, and he could bear it. After trying to understand this, they also began to calm down, and immediately ordered to let his subordinates go. In the next game, we will increase our efforts, and we must not let the Chinese opponents go.
Lin Ziming returned to the three places of Xuanyuan, and Peng Zhuo greeted him and said in a deep voice: “Instructor Lin, I just analyzed it. This may be the conspiracy of those innate realm Dzogchen masters who have united and launched a conspiracy against you! It’s not the competition you are participating in. Do you want to consider avoiding it?”
General Qin on the side also said, “Yes, since they are so bold and dare to do this kind of thing, we can’t be caught by them.”
They all analyzed them and gave countermeasures. It seems that the feasibility is very high. If Lin Ziming is not on the scene and has not seen the scene of his compatriot being killed with his own eyes, then the impact will definitely be much smaller and it can still be maintained. Live in the general trend, not to be backlashed.
However, Lin Ziming shook his head, rejected their suggestion, and said, “It is impossible to do this. If I really avoid it, then I will admit defeat. Dao Xin will also be broken, and he will not dare to face himself. I was self-destructed.”
Lin Ziming said that also made sense.
After all, when Lin Ziming stepped into martial arts, he had been fighting all the way, fearless, especially after he gathered the general trend, if he shrinks now, then even if he is not backed by the general trend, his Dao Xin will actually be able to do so. There are cracks, and his strength will definitely not be that strong by then.
And the biggest impact is that once he retreats, he will leave indelible scars. In this life, he doesn’t want to break through to the realm of the gods.
As a martial artist, in many cases physical strength is not the most important thing, but the most important thing is to get inside. Lin Ziming understands this very well.
This is a conspiracy, not a conspiracy, which he cannot escape. In any case, he can only face it on his own and crush the past.
“Oh!” Peng Zhuo and others also thought of this truth, sighed, and Peng Zhuo continued: “But instructor Lin, can you really handle it? Next, it will be very tragic.”
Lin Ziming didn’t. He answered immediately. He closed his eyes. In fact, he had probably imagined what would happen next…

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