A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1764

“Lin Ziming, do you still want to condense your aura at this time? I don’t know if you are smart or stupid.” Romer sneered disdainfully, and then he took two steps forward, although just watching Two simple steps, but for the audience, it was obvious to the audience that Lin Ziming’s original imposing aura was suddenly reduced a lot.
It was the aura that Lin Ziming had condensed just now, and it was destroyed by Romer.
Then Romer said: “You do not step into the realm of the gods a day, then you are not the opponent of the seven of us in a day. I admit that you are a rare genius for thousands of years, and your talent surpasses everyone. However, your age is too young, you have not experienced too many setbacks, your life is too smooth, you don’t know what convergence is, and you don’t know what true failure is.”
Romer didn’t say this very loudly, but it spread to everyone’s ears clearly, and it made sense to everyone, giving them the feeling that they originally admired Lin Ziming. Suddenly lowered a lot.
Yes, although Lin Ziming is a brilliant talent, but Lin Ziming is still a person, not a god. Lin Ziming is too young and walks too smoothly, which caused Lin Ziming’s heart to swell and dare to do something. One thing against seven.
You know, the seven people on the ring are not unknown people, but the top masters in the world. Can Lin Ziming really succeed? I’m afraid he can’t.
For so many Chinese warriors present, their expressions became worried after hearing these words, and they agreed with Rommel’s words, and became worried about Lin Ziming.
As for those foreign warriors, after listening to them, they felt relaxed a lot, thinking that Lin Ziming was nothing more than that, and he must have fallen here today.
Although Lin Ziming is a genius, once a genius falls, he can’t be called a genius.
After a pause, Romer continued to say: “Lin Ziming, you are over today. China will also accelerate its decline as you fall. The general trend is a double-edged sword, and part of the general trend of China is condensed. When it comes to you, your destiny has been bound to China. If you can break through to the realm of the gods, the Chinese National Games will become stronger. However, once you fall, then the Chinese National Games will plummet. What a pity. , You are still too young and too swollen. Today you are destined to fall here. And the China behind you will also pay for your swelling!”
After speaking this sentence, Romer’s aura suddenly changed. From a very ordinary warrior just now, he transformed into a super strong, especially his aura, like a volcanic eruption, spewing out afterwards!
His aura, even surpassed Zhongjing Junichiro, Lefsky and others, and was much stronger than before!
He is surprisingly the strongest among the seven Innate Realm Great Perfection powerhouses!
Even the aura he exudes now has already covered Lin Ziming!
In front of Romer, Lin Ziming, who was inexorable and like a god of war, shrank infinitely, and was actually suppressed by Romer.
All the Chinese people present saw this scene, and their faces changed drastically.
Especially the senior officials in China, their expressions are now full of worries.
Little Wushen said with a gloomy expression, “No, this Rommel actually broke through in the realm, and to cooperate with the other six Innate Realm Great Perfection masters, this is a bit difficult for Instructor Lin!”

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