A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1854

Lin Ziming smiled and nodded, seemingly unable to see the fierce look in the butler’s eyes next to him.
People who have reached his realm, do whatever they want and are not bound, how can they be threatened by a little housekeeper?
Alice is his friend and a nice woman, she should not marry someone like Prince William.
Alice got Lin Ziming’s affirmation, she became even more excited. She suddenly thought of something. Her white face became ruddy, and she bit her lip lightly. Then, she made a bold decision, directly Grabbing Lin Ziming’s hand, looking at Lin Ziming tightly, he said: “Lin! I like you! You take me to elope!!!”
When this sentence came out, let alone the housekeeper on the side, the driver who was driving was also taken aback. His hands shook and the car started to take a s-line.
As for the housekeeper, he was so scared that he opened his mouth wide, and immediately scolded him: “Miss Alice! What are you talking nonsense!”
Lin Ziming was also a little frightened. He looked at Alice in surprise, “Are you kidding?”
Lin Ziming had talked with Alice on the plane, and probably knew that Alice was a more direct and generous character, which was different from the subtlety of a Chinese woman.
However, he had never imagined that Alice would directly let him take her to elope, which is a big joke!
It’s no wonder that the women of the Eagle Dog Country are very unrestrained, dare to love and hate, and when they meet the man they like, they just go straight. But Lin Ziming didn’t expect that a woman as highly educated as Alice would be so bold and unrestrained.
Alice’s face flushed, but she didn’t evade, and said seriously: “Lin, I’m serious, no kidding! I don’t like Prince William at all, I like you, you take me away Well, let’s go to the ends of the world and live a happy life, and I will have many children for you.”
Good deed, this is too sturdy.
It is because Lin Ziming’s psychological quality is very strong, or he was frightened by Alice’s enthusiasm. For a while, he didn’t know what to say, so he said embarrassingly: “Miss Alice, your likes are just an illusion. We have only known each other for less than 24 hours. When you sleep tonight, you will be awake tomorrow.”
“No! Lin, I’m serious! As long as you promise, I can go with you right away.” Alice’s expression is serious, and she doesn’t care about the coughing and winking frantically at the side of the housekeeper.
Lin Ziming laughed bitterly, not thinking that his peach blossom luck had reached this level, and he would have had such an affair when he visited the Eagle Dog Country.
If he was a scumbag, he would take Alice down without hesitation.
It’s a pity that he is not, so he shook his head and said, “Miss Alice, I’m sorry, I’m already married.”
Hearing this, Alice’s originally fiery eyes fell down immediately and let go of Lin Ziming’s hand.
He lowered his head and said sadly: “Lin, I’m sorry…”
Lin Ziming waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, everyone has something unconscious.”
Alice was very sad, and she didn’t have much interest on the way back.
After a short while, I arrived at the Alexander family. In front of me was a very luxurious and huge manor. Although it was not a castle, it was also very magnificent.
The Alexander family is also a big family in the Eagle Country, otherwise it would not be eligible to marry the royal family.

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What a boring plot ! Same repeated plot! All girls falling in love and their boyfriends became enemies of hero ! Disgusting !! Writer really treats readers as idiots!

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