A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1855

After arriving at Alexander’s manor, Alice’s family learned that Lin Ziming was a super master from China and saved Alice and Prince William’s life. They were kind to Lin Ziming.
But immediately, they learned from the housekeeper that Alice was interested in Lin Ziming and asked Lin Ziming to elope with her. They immediately changed their attitude, and they seemed to be indifferent to Lin Ziming and obviously took it with them. Repel.
In this regard, Lin Ziming was not at all concerned. After he arrived in the Eagle Dog Country, in his free time, he began to actively contact the agents in the Eagle Dog Country. After he met the queen, he directly started to take the Chinese scientists , Rescued from the evil organization.
“I know you!”
Suddenly, an Alexander’s bodyguard showed a surprised expression after seeing Lin Ziming, pointing at Lin Ziming and yelling in surprise.
His cry made many people’s eyes look over.
“Hilton, do you know him?”
Someone immediately asked the bodyguard.
After the bodyguard confirmed Lin Ziming’s identity, he showed a complex expression of awe, anger, but admiration.
“You are Lin Ziming, the champion of this Kung Fu Cup!”
After Lin Ziming heard it, he was a little surprised. He didn’t think that he would be recognized when he arrived at Alice’s house.
However, he soon realized that his reputation is actually very loud in the world. After all, the championship game was broadcast live to martial artists around the world, and Alexander must have hired martial artists as bodyguards. It is not unusual for him to come out.
“It’s me.” Lin Ziming admitted generously.
The bodyguard swallowed. He watched the live broadcast of the final championship game and knew how terrifying Lin Ziming was, but now that such a legendary figure actually came in front of him, it still made him quite nervous!
He couldn’t help putting his hand on his waist and holding a pistol. As long as Lin Ziming had any trouble, he would immediately take out the gun and shoot Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming frowned slightly when he saw his movement, and said, “You’d better not do this.”
This was still in Alexander’s hall. There were many people around. Seeing this scene, they all frowned. Alice walked over and scolded: “Hilton! What are you doing? Apologize to Lin quickly. !”
Hilton still looked as if he was facing a big enemy, he was watched by Lin Ziming, and he even broke out in a cold sweat, but he knew how terrifying Lin Ziming’s strength was.
Alice’s father, also a family of the Alexander family, Alexander Horton walked over, frowned and said, “What happened?!”
When Hilton saw Alexander Horton coming over, he was a little relieved, and said: “Patriarch, this person is the champion of the Kung Fu Cup, and his strength is especially terrifying!”
Alexander Horton obviously knows the Kung Fu Cup and the meaning of the Kung Fu Cup champion. After hearing this sentence, he also showed a shocked expression and said to Lin Ziming: “You are the Kung Fu Cup champion?! ”
Lin Ziming frowned slightly. He felt a little unhappy with this inexplicable hostility, and said directly to Alice, “Miss Alice, it seems that your family doesn’t welcome me. In order not to cause you trouble, I’d better leave. .”
After speaking, he put down the wine glass and prepared to leave.
Alice panicked and chased after Lin Ziming, “Lin, you are my friend, I can’t handle it.”
Then she immediately turned around and said to Alexander Horton dissatisfied: “My father! How can you treat my friend like this, he is not a bad person!”
When Hilton said a few words in Alexander Horton’s ear, Alexander Horton’s expression wrinkled. When he looked at Lin Ziming, he also brought some dissatisfaction. He said in a deep voice, “Hua Chinese, you have killed a lot of the strong in my Eagle Country?”

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