A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1906

The martial artist’s continuous practice is to continuously temper himself and raise his limit. It is also a concept that man can conquer the sky.
However, after all, human beings have their limits, and to a certain extent, the road has been cut off.
Her Royal Highness also felt Lin Ziming’s loss. She smiled and said, “For the first time, I know that human beings have limits, and the reaction is similar to yours. I am very disappointed, sad, and questioned.
Lin Ziming remained silent.
Her Royal Highness continued: “The God-passing realm is a realm where humans have broken the shackles given by God. Only one can appear in hundreds of millions of people. When it comes to the God-passing God realm of the third stage, it is even more like a god’s existence, except that it cannot be broken. The physical limit is soaring out of thin air, and everything else is omnipotent. Although it’s over, it’s enough.”
Indeed, the words of Her Royal Highness are very reasonable. Originally, the God-passing realm is the realm that countless warriors dream of. When it comes to the realm of God-passing, it is no longer a mortal, but a half-immortal existence! All aspects have been greatly improved, but combat power is just one of them.
When it comes to the God-Through-Shen Realm, the most intuitive thing is that life span has increased, as well as IQ, thinking, etc…
If Lin Ziming could break through to the realm of abilities, with his current situation, it would not be a problem to live two hundred years, or even longer.
“Cultivation is difficult, and it is difficult to climb to the blue sky. Since ancient times, countless martial artists have been practicing day and night, constantly improving themselves, dreaming that one day, they can compete with Tiangong test. After all, it is just a delusion.” Lin Ziming shook his head, and then he laughed too. “However, I was not careful that there really was an end. The road was all walked out by people. The predecessors thought that the road was gone, and future generations may not be able to break the experience of the predecessors.”
Her Royal Highness looked at him for a long time before she smiled and applauded, “Sure enough, the son of the heavenly choice of the Chinese nation is gathered. What you said is very good. The experience of the predecessors is not necessarily correct. People think that the Sanpintong Divine Realm is the end, and future generations may not be able to break it.”
Hearing the praise from Her Royal Highness, Lin Ziming didn’t feel proud, but smiled indifferently.
Then they talked about the martial arts.
Because Lin Ziming was the champion of the Kung Fu Cup, he was qualified to ask Her Royal Highness for incomprehension, and Her Royal Highness would not hide her personal information. He told Lin Ziming what she knew.
I have to say that, as a master of the realm of spirits who has lived for more than 80 years, Her Royal Highness is still the king of a country. Whether it is the realm of thought, vision, or thought, it is too vast. Lin Ziming chatted with her and only felt Benefited a lot!
Many of the problems that he hadn’t wanted to understand before, or weren’t aware of at all, suddenly became clear after some exchanges with Her Royal Highness.
It can be said that this exchange with Her Royal Highness, in addition to the gains in martial arts, more importantly, is the understanding of life, philosophy, economics, sociology, mathematics, physics, and even astronomy, quantum mechanics and other fields!
In fact, when Lin Ziming is in this state, he is not limited to martial arts, fighting is so superficial. His research direction involves many fields, and Her Royal Highness is one of the representatives!
Her knowledge is so rich. It is no exaggeration to say that if the Queen goes to do academic and scientific studies, she will definitely achieve high results!
Lin Ziming also understands better, why the military god Huangpudao is going to a university as a professor.
Because at this level, what you dabble in, care about, and pursue is no longer something that ordinary martial artists can understand.
Although Lin Ziming hadn’t gotten that far now, he also began to understand and touched even more.
Now, he felt that he was closer to Tongshen Realm than ever before! ! !
As long as there is an opportunity, he will be able to smoothly break through to the God-Throughout Realm.
And this opportunity may be coming soon.

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