A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1910

With a loud bang, a thunder struck down, and in the direction, it slammed straight down to where Lin Ziming was! ! !
The target is Lin Ziming!
When Lin Ziming was about to hit Lin Ziming, at this moment, Lin Ziming suddenly opened his eyes.
Raise your head and slam into this thunder!
And then, something shocking happened. I saw this thunder. When Lin Ziming was about to hit Lin Ziming, he suddenly changed its direction and smashed into a century-old tree next to him. The loud noise directly cut the big tree in half, and the trunk was burning, which was very frightening.
Lin Ziming let out a long breath.
Then he stood up, his body made the sound of Kabakaba, like fried beans.
Obviously he is very embarrassed now, but his eyes are exuding superb divine light! !
The whole person can no longer be described with a radiant spirit, but a completely new and completely reborn person.
His current spirit is full of extremes, especially his eyes, which are extremely deep, as if the whole world is filled in his eyes.
Next, he left here, went out to find a place, and after a change of washing, he started to eat.
Now he is also very hungry and can eat a cow.
In fact, he did eat a cow.
After eating, he felt his strength, spirit, and soul were stronger and fuller than ever before.
But he still hasn’t reached the psychic realm, but his combat power is no longer in any way different from the psychic realm.
It is no exaggeration to say that if he now fights with Her Royal Highness again, then his probability of winning has reached 90%! !
Even if he was stopped by the Shengjiao, the powerhouse at the pinnacle of the First Grade Tong Divine Realm, he still had the power to fight.
This is not blind faith, but also a rational judgment.
However, at this moment, as soon as he charged his mobile phone, he saw a lot of missed calls and text messages!
I opened one and found that it was actually sent to him by the Falcons team.
“Chief instructor, something went wrong, people from the Holy Cult have come here!”
“Chief instructor, they were too fierce, we sacrificed a lot of brothers and feet.”
“Chief instructor, ask for help…”
“Chief instructor, don’t come to save us, this is a trap for you!!”
Seeing this information, Lin Ziming’s pupils instantly shrank.
Something happened to the Falcon team, and someone from the Holy Church came to the door.
According to the content of this information, they are already…
At this moment, Lin Ziming’s mood was not calm, and there were two blazes burning in his eyes!
He didn’t have any hesitation, so he called back directly, thinking in his heart that he must be alive, he must be alive…
However, after his call, no one answered.
Just when he hung up, at this time, someone finally answered, but it was not Zhou Tao’s voice that came.

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