A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1916

It’s just wishful thinking that this bunch of gangsters want to kill him too.
Not to mention that he had passed the instructions of Her Royal Highness, and after some retreat, his strength was even stronger, even before he came to the Eagle Dog Country, he could not threaten him with this rubbish.
Soon, the entire Green Island began to surging, and from all directions, a lot of people began to come out, and they turned out to be masters of the innate realm, and the lowest cultivation level had a second stage! !
This is already a great force.
Even if it is a powerful country, there may not be so many Innate Realm masters, but now, they are concentrated on a small island, wanting to encircle Lin Ziming.
I have to say that Shengjiao really looks up to him.
For this kind of encirclement, the agents of the Falcon team are as anxious as ants on a hot pot.
There was even an agent who, with the sharp pain of a broken tooth, had to get rid of the iron in his mouth and yelled loudly, “Chief instructor, run away! These clutters of the Holy Church are meant to kill you This is a trap, this is a trap!”
Another agent also broke free of the iron block, even if his mouth was full of blood, he shouted loudly, “Chief instructor, you can’t have an accident! Once you have an accident, the loss to China will be too great!!”
Then, there were other agents who tried their best to endure the severe pain, but also to get rid of the iron in their mouths, roared out, and let Lin Ziming leave quickly!
In fact, when Lin Ziming is in this state, his mood is much more stable than that of ordinary people. In other words, his emotions are not easy to produce fluctuations, especially not easy to be moved by others.
Even if it is moved, it is just a touch of emotion.
but now……
His heart was filled with a huge warm current!
He looked at the falcon group in front of him, his heart was very warm, it was a moving emotion.
Moreover, after being moved, what followed was even more angry and murderous.
With a serious face on his face, he saluted, and said in a deep voice: “Falcon Team, I, Lin Ziming, promise you here that I will rescue you! At the same time, I will also kill these holy beasts. Take revenge for you, and for the many compatriots under Jiuquan!”
When he said this sentence, he was extremely serious and serious. The feeling was that he was not just talking, but taking an oath. If he did not do this, then he would have violated his oath and would be bitten by heaven and earth!
What’s amazing is that at this moment, there was a thunder in the sky, and there was a thunder, which seemed to be responding to Lin Ziming!
This kind of heaven and earth vision suddenly changed the expressions of many believers on the island, because just now, they felt the power of heaven and earth.
Especially for Mo Yan, Mo Yun, and Mo Teng, their faces are even more ugly, and at the same time, the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes is even more murderous.
This time not only Mo Yan, but even Mo Yun and Mo Teng had a huge killing intent on Lin Ziming. In any case, Lin Ziming must be killed! !
As for everyone in the Falcon Team, after hearing Lin Ziming’s words, hot tears flowed from their eyes.
“Extremely arrogant!!!”
Demon Yan shouted grimly. He stepped forward and surrounded the other followers beside Lin Ziming. He also stepped forward at the same time. The powerful aura pressed heavily on Lin Ziming’s body. It can be said that it is better than the real mountain The majesty brought is even greater.
“Lin Ziming, you dare to fight against my sacred religion, today is your death date! My devil flame, today will avenge my son!!!”

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