A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1915

With a bang, Lin Ziming fell from the sky and hit the ground heavily. Because of the too much impact, his legs were all inserted into the ground.
With such a great power, if an ordinary person is replaced, even a master of the innate realm, as long as it is under the great perfection of the innate realm, it will be injured!
For ordinary people, it will directly become a mass of flesh.
But for Lin Ziming, there was nothing wrong, even the expression on his face didn’t change, and his brows were frowned.
He just walked out of the ground normally, and then his gaze swept across the surrounding area and saw the situation of the Falcon team. All of them were wounded and tied up. Especially for Zhou Tao, the injuries were even more serious. It’s dying.
In an instant, Lin Ziming felt a ball of anger, and suddenly came up from his dantian!
Rush into his head.
It made him very angry all at once.
Because their mouths were stuffed with iron blocks, they couldn’t speak. After seeing Lin Ziming, they could only struggle desperately, making a whining sound in their mouths.
And because of their violent struggle, their mouths began to bleed, looking very pitiful and painful.
Through their eyes, Lin Ziming saw their moving and their eagerness, and told Lin Ziming with their eyes, let Lin Ziming go quickly, not to stay to bury him, this is a trap!
Trap carefully set! !
Is it just that Lin Ziming might leave? The answer is obviously no.
At the same time, there was endless murderous in his heart. Today, all the people on this small island must die to fill his Taotao anger!
“People who dare to treat me like this, I am very angry, and the consequences are serious.”
Lin Ziming’s gaze flicked over all the followers of the Holy Sect, and finally stopped on Moyan, Moyun, and Moteng.
In fact, when he was on the other side just now, Lin Ziming had already noticed these three masters, but he didn’t think of these three people in his eyes. To him, they were nothing more than ants.
The only person who was afraid of him was the leader of the Holy Church, Asura.
But it seems that Ashura is not here.
Very good, so that he can kill.
Mo Yan saw him, a surging aura radiated from his body, and then a sentence popped out of his mouth, “Lin Ziming! You really came, you finally came, hahahaha!!!”
He laughed very loudly, very happy, with a big smile on his face, but there was a half smile in his eyes, only endless anger and murder.
As for the other two masters, Mo Yun and Mo Teng, they also stared at Lin Ziming with cold faces. Their bodies were already gaining momentum. As long as Lin Ziming made any rash moves, he would immediately respond to Lin Ziming. Ming shot.
The task of the two of them today is to keep Lin Ziming and capture him alive! Catch back to the main altar!
Of course, if they couldn’t capture it alive, then they would kill Lin Ziming, holding Lin Ziming’s head, and going back to meet Ashura.
Lin Ziming has such fiery eyes. With a look in his eyes, he can already understand their thoughts, and the corners of his mouth are slightly raised, revealing a disdainful smile.

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