A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1927

“This, this, this…”
The falcon groups on the ground, they were already desperate, and when they were about to commit suicide, suddenly, they saw Lin Ziming, carrying the magic flame, and they were all dumbfounded. They were just the kind of brains that couldn’t work. Happening.
It’s not that their psychological quality is not strong enough, but that the scene in front of them has caused them too much shock!
Shouldn’t Lin Ziming be beaten to death, why is it still intact?
Moreover, in Lin Ziming’s hands, the one being carried like a dead dog is Demon Flame?
Soon, Lin Ziming arrived in front of them, threw the Demon Flame in front of them, and smiled faintly, “Everyone else has been solved, and I have already spurned the rest of this guy. I’ll leave it to you to vent your muscles.”
Everyone was swallowing heavily, they were completely shocked, and finally they heard Lin Ziming’s words clearly, the key information in it, everyone else had been solved by Lin Ziming, and there was only a magic flame left! !
Even Zhou Tao, he couldn’t help but explode.
This message was too shocking for them.
Finally they are reacting now, looking at the miserable look of Demon Flame, where there is the initial arrogance and arrogance in their eyes, they are completely afraid and scared, and they are shaking constantly, and they are beginning to beg for mercy, “I beg you to let it go. I, please let me go…”
They recognized this fact now, and Lin Ziming really solved all the followers.
This is too exaggerated, right?
Finally, Zhou Tao asked first, “Chief instructor, are you in the realm of the gods now?”
This question is what everyone wants to know, including Demon Flame, in their opinion, only the power of the realm of the gods can do this, right?
You know, this is not a ant, but dozens of innate realm masters, among them there are three innate realm Dzogchen super masters, but they were all solved cleanly by Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming naturally knew their thoughts, he just smiled faintly, sighed, and said with some regret: “It’s still not there, it’s a little bit close.”
This answer was another shock to them.
Especially for Demon Flame, he once thought that Lin Ziming had reached the realm of the gods, because he had been following the leader Asura, knowing that as a master of the gods, Asura was just this strength.
But now Lin Ziming actually tells him that he still hasn’t reached the psychic realm, how abnormal is this?
That means that once Lin Ziming successfully reaches the God-passing Realm, how will he be abnormal?
At that time, I am afraid that I will be able to sprint directly to the pinnacle of the First Grade Tong Divine Realm! !
He is over fifty years old this year, and he is considered a genius, and he has seen many geniuses, but he has never heard of it. Who has such a high talent!
Even the three super favorites of the four martial arts, it seems that it is nothing more than that.
Lin Ziming shook his head and said directly to Zhou Tao and the others: “I have solved the devil flame, and then I will take you away. If I guess it is right, the leader of the Holy Religion will soon come in person.”
Zhou Tao and others nodded heavily, and then they turned their eyes on Demon Flame, full of anger and hatred!
They will never forget how Demon Flame, the beast, tortured them just now!

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