A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1939

Although Lin Ziming’s face was smiling, there was no smile in his eyes.
Liu Qingcheng immediately felt his coldness and shuddered involuntarily.
She really didn’t have any contact with a powerful man like Lin Ziming before.
Moreover, how did she feel that Lin Ziming was even more powerful than the first genius Shangguan Rufeng of Nuwazong?
However, after thinking about it, I think it is reasonable. After all, Lin Ziming is now on the tenth place on the Fengxian List, but Shangguan Rufeng, he still hasn’t been on the Fengxian List. He was previously ranked tenth. One came, just behind the Fire Sickle God Jun, and now after being topped by Lin Ziming, Shangguan Rufeng was logically ranked twelve.
Fengxianbang, in fact, only the names of ten people are on it.
But in fact, there is still a ranking below the ranking list. It’s just that this ranking is far worse than the ten celestial arrogances on the ranking list. Generally, the real strong will not be too sealed. People after Xianbang put it in their eyes.
Shangguan Rufeng is such an existence.
But in fact, Shangguan Rufeng is already very powerful.
Liu Qingcheng was a little embarrassed, her expression weakened a lot, and she said, “Why are you so unfeeling? Our Sect Master just wants to make friends with you, why are you so insecure.”
To be honest, Liu Qingcheng was indeed aggrieved. Before she set off, she wanted the suzerain to guarantee that she would be able to complete the task and invited Lin Ziming back.
But it turned out that Lin Ziming didn’t give her any face.
This has taken her self-confidence so much that she is now beginning to doubt her charm.
Lin Ziming said lightly, “I am not interested in your Nuwazong.”
Liu Qingcheng really couldn’t find anything to refute. There was no way. Who would make her not Lin Ziming’s opponent.
A circle of mist appeared in her eyes, she bit her lip, and said grievedly, “You should be pitiful and pity me, can’t you go back with me?”
Lin Ziming looked at her coldly. Finally, under Lin Ziming’s gaze, she couldn’t hold it any longer, and said quickly, “Okay, it’s just a joke with you, why do you look at me like this? .”
Regarding Liu Qingcheng’s mischief, Lin Ziming didn’t bother to be familiar with her, and said directly, “If your suzerain really wants to make friends with me, you should show her sincerity.”
Seeing Lin Ziming’s looseness, Liu Qingcheng couldn’t help but get excited, and said quickly, “Sincere, sincere, our suzerain is very sincere!”
Lin Ziming glanced at her faintly, and didn’t continue to speak, then he flashed away and left here.
Liu Qingcheng was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn’t expect that he would go so simply, and he couldn’t help feeling frustrated. He spontaneously scolded the stinky man bitterly.
Lin Ziming did not have much interest in this Nuwa Sect.
Especially after he learned from Peng Zhuo, Nuwa Sect is actually just a small sect at the end of the second-rate. It seems that even the Sect Master of Nuwa Sect has not reached the God Realm. Such a small sect cannot seduce him at all. interest of.
In fact, he didn’t have much interest in the whole martial world.
To be really interesting, it is the four martial arts in the martial world, after all, that is the most powerful existence in the martial world.
It is equivalent to the four powers in the secular world.
However, he is also very self-aware, and now he still has no real breakthrough to the realm of the gods, and hastily entered the world of martial arts, which contradicts the four martial arts, and affirms him at a loss.

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