A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1940

Moreover, he and the four major sects also have no grievances. In terms of his character, naturally he will not provoke them on his own initiative.
In a short while, he appeared at the airport, took the plane directly, flew to the beautiful country, and went to meet Adam for a while.
In the Kung Fu Cup before, Lin Ziming was threatened by Adam. Adam at that time even had a murderous heart against him. Now that Lin Ziming has grown up, he naturally wouldn’t do nothing.
It is not too far from the Eagle Dog Country to the Beautiful Country. Lin Ziming slept on the plane, and when he woke up, it was already there.
Speaking of it, compared to the Eagle Dog Country, the beautiful country is really much more prosperous, all kinds of high-rise buildings, and the people in the beautiful country are generally burly in stature, indeed, they are much stronger than the Orientals.
It is also because of this that the race of the West is a race that looks down on the East.
Lin Ziming walked on the streets of the beautiful country, and he could feel the different humanities and different national fortunes of the beautiful country and the Chinese country, as well as the Eagle Dog country.
Strictly speaking, the beautiful country is a country of immigrants. It has gathered a lot of races, including blacks, whites, and yellow races, which can be seen everywhere.
In the beautiful country, the concept of nationality is not so strong, or it can be said that there is no national concept at all.
The main concepts of the beautiful country are capital, exploitation and making money.
Ordinary people cannot feel this difference when they come here, but for Lin Ziming, his realm is too high, he has already felt it the moment he walked out of the airport.
This is actually a more chaotic country, where most of the people believe in the strong.
The so-called belief is also mainly about this.
As a Chinese, Lin Ziming walked here and felt that many people from a beautiful country, when they rubbed him, were somewhat despised and hostile towards him.
In recent years, due to the rapid development of China, the relationship between Beautiful Country and China is not very good.
When Lin Ziming walked to the streets of Beautiful Country, he also felt this slight sense of rejection.
This is a different phenomenon from the people from the beautiful country. Generally speaking, the people from the beautiful country often get awe when they arrive in China, but the Chinese people get discrimination when they come to the land of the beautiful country.
I have to say that this is a kind of sadness.
However, Lin Ziming didn’t have too much self-pity, because he knew that China is slowly taking off. Over time, this situation can definitely be reversed!
But I have to admit that the food in the beautiful country is really inferior to that in the country, and it is not delicious at all.
When it comes to food, China is the ancestor of the world, and the cuisine of other countries is far worse in front of Chinese cuisine.
Of course, Lin Ziming is a very adaptable person, and he has adapted quickly.
Moreover, his appetite was so huge that he walked directly into a restaurant and ate with his stomach open.
He ordered a lot of them all at once. This amount surprised the restaurant people a bit, because it was the amount of seven or eight people!
They thought that Lin Ziming was with a friend, but soon they saw that Lin Ziming had eaten it alone, and they were shocked.
However, when checking out, Lin Ziming took out some money from his wallet, and it immediately attracted the attention of many people. Among them, there were a few ill-intentioned punks…

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