A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1957

And these Chinese people fell into contemplation after hearing what he said.
Today’s events are too shocking for them. All of them have lived an ordinary life, and they are the most insignificant and inconspicuous existence in society.
They all agreed that they would continue to do this for the rest of their lives, and even in the depths of their hearts, they all agreed that they would be bullied by the beautiful people in the future.
But the appearance of Lin Ziming has completely affected them, especially Lin Ziming’s performance in the past few days and what he said to them have deeply affected them.
Finally, after two minutes passed, one person spoke first, his eyes flashing brilliance, “Mr. Lin is right. If we want to not be bullied by the beautiful country, we must first strengthen ourselves, unite, and respect everyone. It was won!”
Others also agreed with him, nodded in agreement, and expressed their opinions.
No matter what, a seed of dignity has already been planted in their hearts.
And Lin Ziming didn’t even think that his unintentional action would have a huge impact on the Chinese people in the entire beautiful country.
In the near future, these Chinese in the beautiful country will really gradually become stronger in their hearts, and they have begun to form a Chinese organization and begin to unite to fight against the oppression of the beautiful country and fight for the welfare of their compatriots.
Sometimes faith is the most important thing. Lin Ziming’s move is a seed of faith that will always take root.
After Lin Ziming got out of the warehouse, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he faced one direction and said lightly, “You have followed me for so long, so it’s time to come out.”
If there were other people, Lin Ziming was talking to a tree a few meters away, which looked weird.
Moreover, this tree is indeed not moving, and there are no people coming out from behind.
Lin Ziming squinted his eyes slightly. He didn’t make much movement, but seemed to be very relaxed, just kicking a small stone on the ground.
And in an instant, this little stone was given a huge amount of energy, with a bang, like a blast, flying towards the big tree!
Shot this big tree directly!
What a power this is.
Finally, behind this big tree, a woman walked out.
A graceful, graceful, beautiful, and even a woman with a worldly temperament.
This woman was dressed in ancient costumes, with a blue silk wrapped around her head, looking extremely graceful and luxurious, just like an ancient queen.
And in terms of temperament, it is also extremely elegant and noble.
Every move, every moment of a smile, with an extraordinary aura.
After Lin Ziming watched it, he was a little stunned, and suddenly he had a sense of sacredness that could not be profaned from a distance.
Especially, in front of this woman, he actually had a feeling of self-sufficiency, as if he was a toad and the other party was a swan. If he looked more closely, it would be a crime.
However, Lin Ziming maintained this state for one second, and after one second, he immediately reacted and narrowed his eyes slightly, and his eyes thought about it in his heart.
The opponent should be the suzerain of Nuwa Sect.
Sure enough, she was a glamorous and indispensable woman, and her charming skills were many times more powerful than Liu Qingcheng who didn’t even know.
If he hadn’t been firm enough, he would have been tempted to meet him just now.
With a faint smile on her face, this woman walked towards Lin Ziming step by step, with a charming scent floating on her body, which made her feel particularly comfortable when she smelled it, and she involuntarily produced an impulse of respect and intimacy.
Lin Ziming squinted her eyes, looked at her whole body in a second, analyzed her movements and her breath, and quickly came to a conclusion.

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