A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1969

“Sect Master, are you okay?”
Lin Ziming immediately asked with concern. He originally wanted to let go of Tianxuanzi. After all, men and women were not married, and Tianxuanzi was still the supreme master of Nuwa Sect.
But now that Tianxuanzi is seriously injured, he can’t even stand firmly, and he can’t let go of Tianxuanzi for a while.
After Shangguan Rufeng suppressed the injury, he saw his beloved senior sister, unexpectedly the little bird nestled in Lin Ziming’s arms. His eyes erupted with anger, and he was very jealous and annoyed. He immediately rushed over, anxiously. Asked, “Senior Sister! Are you in trouble?!”
The other female disciples of Nüwazong saw that their sect master was injured, and they rushed over immediately, surrounded Tianxuanzi in a circle, and were very concerned.
“Is the Sect Master injured?”
“Oops, the condition of the sovereign, the injury is not light!”
“Moreover, the karmic fire is burning more severely. If it is not resolved in time, the suzerain may be in danger of life!”
“What should I do now? The people of the Sun Moon God Sect will come to the door soon. Now that the Sect Master is in trouble, what should our Nuwa Sect use to resist the Sun Moon God Sect…”
“Does God really want to kill my Nuwazong?”
All of a sudden, many female disciples began to feel sad, Liushen has no master, and is very desolate.
Originally they were all young and beautiful women. When they encountered this kind of thing, they were at a loss and charming, making Lin Ziming a little unbearable when they saw it.
He could feel that although this Nuwa sect is a cultivating charm technique, mainly to confuse men, but the whole sect’s mind is not bad, and most of the female disciples in it are still innocent and innocent girls. Faced with the oppression of the Sun Moon God Sect, it was naturally extremely fearful.
To be honest, Lin Ziming originally meant that he didn’t want to have too much involvement with Nuwazong, but now, seeing this scene, he still feels a little bit unbearable.
He doesn’t have too much causal relationship with Nüwazong now. Be cruel, and he can leave. The life and death of Nüwazong has nothing to do with him.
However, as soon as he left, Nuwa Sect was really going to become a slave of the Sun Moon God Sect, including these female disciples, the end would be extremely miserable.
As the Sect Master, Tian Xuanzi will naturally end up, and he will spend the rest of his life in humiliation.
Thinking of that kind of scene, Lin Ziming sighed, and found that he was still too soft-hearted to just sit idly by.
Sometimes he doesn’t know whether this is his shortcoming or advantage.
Tian Xuanzi coughed twice again, and she could see that her health was very bad now, let alone an Asura who resisted the Sun Moon God Cult, even an ordinary congenital realm master could easily defeat her.
And once there is a Tianxuanzi, just relying on an official like the wind, will definitely not be able to resist the Sun Moon God Sect.
Moreover, Shangguan Rufeng was injured by him just now.
Thinking of this, Lin Ziming suddenly felt a little pain. This was really related to cause and effect, and it was difficult for him to leave.
Deep in his heart, he also sighed.
Make a decision, or stay.
Anyway, he and the Sun Moon Sacred Sect, the Sacred Sect, already had a deep hatred, and the Sun Moon Sacred Sect would never let him go.
Since there is a battle between him and the Asura of the Sun Moon God Sect, sooner or later, it is better to fight the Asura in advance, and help Nuwazong solve the trouble by the way, which can be regarded as a good relationship.
Shangguan Rufeng gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, with my Shangguan Rufeng here, I definitely won’t let the beasts of the Sun Moon God Sect hurt you!”

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