A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1968

The most terrifying thing is that Shangguan Rufeng is completely unable to match Lin Ziming’s strength. He staggered backwards and took more than ten steps to stabilize his body, and then a burst of blood surged in his throat, with a wow sound. , A mouthful of blood came out.
He was injured, just because of Lin Ziming’s punch, it forced him back and wounded him!
Moreover, Lin Ziming was still on the edge of the cliff with a Tianxuanzi in his arms. Under such circumstances, he was severely injured. One can imagine how powerful Lin Ziming’s strength is!
At exactly this time, many female disciples of Nuwazong rushed up after hearing the movement. Seeing this scene, they all opened their eyes and felt very surprised. It is hard to believe. In their minds, then The powerful Lord Shangguan actually lost, and he still lost so thoroughly! ! !
At this moment, they all understood why the Sect Master Tianxuanzi would rather give up Shangguan Rufeng and seek Lin Ziming for double cultivation, because Lin Ziming’s strength is indeed higher than Shangguan Rufeng.
Shangguan Rufeng was the person involved, and he came back to his senses. He looked up at Lin Ziming, who was calm and light on his face. There was an uproar in his heart, and his face was blue and white.
He lost, and the gap is not small.
For a moment, he felt very discouraged. He struggled for so long, worked hard for so long, and has such a high talent. But the result is that there are too many geniuses in this world, pressing on his head. .
If it is the tianjiao of the four major sects, forget it, that is a super genius that has been rare in thousands of years, he is ashamed!
Lin Ziming is just a man of the world, so young that he has left him behind. This really makes him a little unacceptable.
Tian Xuanzi was also somewhat surprised, but she quickly recovered her calmness, because for her, this was actually something that was expected.
After all, Lin Ziming is a super powerhouse who can slaughter a blockbuster Sun Moon God Sect masters with his own power, and he has also made it onto the list of immortals. In contrast, Shangguan Rufeng’s light was indeed concealed by Lin Ziming.
Now she was held in Lin Ziming’s arms, smelling the hormonal scent passed from Lin Ziming’s body, her heartbeat speeded up a lot, and her face became more ruddy.
In addition, she was injured just now, and the degree of karmic fire burned more severely, her body temperature rose a lot all of a sudden, and her breathing became a little difficult.
His eyes also became blurred.
Lin Ziming soon noticed her abnormality and said in a deep voice, “Sect Master, you are injured and your breath is very disturbed.”
Yes, Tian Xuanzi’s current appearance looks a bit scary, his face turned white and red, and his body temperature is constantly changing, warming up and cooling down temporarily.
The most important thing is that Tian Xuanzi just received the palm of Shangguan Rufeng, and received a new injury, which affected her old injury, and was burned even more severely by the fire of karma.
Knowing her current situation, she squeezed out a reluctant smile, and said, “Instructor Lin, I’m sorry, my younger brother, Shangguan Rufeng, doesn’t understand the rules, and it’s causing you trouble. Please also have a lot of yours. Don’t be insightful with him. ”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming also sighed heavily. He was indeed a little annoyed at Shangguan Rufeng, but now, when he heard these words from Tian Xuanzi, where could he be angry, nodded, and said: “Sect Master, don’t worry, I won’t take it to heart.”
“That’s good.” Tian Xuanzi smiled relievedly, and then began to cough.

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