A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1980

With that, she was about to kneel down and show her loyalty to Ashura.
However, Ashura smiled contemptuously, with a playful smile on his face, “Do you still have the capital to negotiate with me?”
Tian Xuanzi trembled. He stopped as he was about to kneel down, and looked up at Asura, “Are you going to kill them all!”
Asura smiled and said, “Whatever you want to understand, today, your entire Nuwa Sect is from my Sun Moon God Sect. I have many followers of Sun Moon God Sect, and I have been venting for a long time.”
Next, he directly raised his arms and shouted, “Erlang! These women are yours, whatever you do! Let’s vent the depression these days, hahahaha…”
As his words fell, the disciples in all directions had green eyes, and they kept swallowing, staring at the disciples of the Nuwazong in the middle, like a jackal. When it comes to Lamb, he is unabashedly greedy.
In an instant, the faces of these Nuwazong disciples changed drastically and trembled. .
Tian Xuanzi also began to curse, “Asura, how dare you!!!”
Asura said disdainfully, “Why don’t I dare, your Nüwa Sect is just a small sect, the whole world, who wants to offend me Asura for your group of small miscellaneous rice?”
When he said this, he was not bragging, nor arrogant, but also stating a fact.
Indeed, although his Asura is not the most powerful in the world of sects, he is also a master of the realm of the gods, and Nuwazong, this is a small sect at the end of the second-rate, not even a master of the realm of gods, fundamentally No one is willing to offend Ashura for them.
That’s why Ashura is so unscrupulous.
Originally, although he was bound to win Nüwazong, he planned to slowly consume Nüwazong year after year. After a few years, when the strength of Nüwazong becomes weaker, he will directly Annex.
However, he has no patience anymore.
And the reason for all this is because Lin Ziming has repeatedly fought against the Sun Moon God Sect, and a while ago he even slaughtered so many backbone elites of the Sun Moon God Sect!
While this made Ashura furious, it also made many believers feel afraid, dissatisfied, panicked, and all kinds of negative emotions came out.
Asura could clearly feel their negative emotions. He knew that if he didn’t give them a good vent at this time, then sooner or later the Sun Moon God Sect would have an accident, and if it was serious, it would fall apart.
Therefore, at this time, Asura had to advance the process, first take Nuwazong to operate.
After the Nüwazong was annexed, he would replenish his energy, and then take revenge on Lin Ziming!
Since his Asura became a strong man, he has never suffered such a big loss. Lin Ziming can be said to be his biggest enemy in his life. If he does not kill Lin Ziming, he will be uneasy for the rest of his life! !
I won’t be stunned even if I die.
As a result, all Nuwazong people began to despair.
At this moment, a voice rang from the Nuwazong crowd.
“Really? I don’t think it’s necessary, I’m willing to offend you Asura for Nuwazong.”
The voice appeared suddenly, and the tone was still lazy. It seemed to be just telling a joke, but it was revealed to be serious and serious. It seemed to be saying a fact, a decree, and everyone was stunned after listening. Up.
Tian Xuanzi reacted instantly, and she recognized it instantly, this voice belonged to Lin Ziming! ! !

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