A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1985

His speed can no longer be regarded as fast, but almost to the point of instantaneous movement. Originally, he and Lin Ziming were almost 20 meters away.
In this distance, even the most powerful sprinter in the world takes more than two seconds to complete, but for Ashura, it is the upper eyelid touching the lower eyelid, which is almost to the extreme.
It seemed that it was faster than the speed of sound. After his figure was in front of Lin Ziming, a voice came from Lin Ziming’s ear.
When Shangguan Rufeng on the side saw this speed, he raised it in his heart and gave a chuckle!
If it was him, facing Ashura’s attack, then he would probably be bitter.
The master of the God-passing realm is indeed extremely powerful!
In fact, for Lin Ziming, he felt an unprecedented pressure in an instant! !
Almost in an instant, the muscles of his whole body became tense, and his spirit collapsed to the highest point in an instant. The strength of this Asura was even stronger than the Queen of the Eagle Dog Kingdom!
No wonder, even the Queen was injured after fighting against him.
However, Lin Ziming is no ordinary half-step master of the gods, even if he faces a strong man like Ashura, he has the power to fight.
It was almost synchronized. Lin Ziming had already made moves when Ashura was still not completely close to him.
Moreover, he didn’t evade Ashura’s attack, but chose the frontal gang, a punch directly blasted out, with a bang!
There was no gap between the palm of Asura’s hand, and it was like Mars hitting the earth, erupting a huge and incomparable sound.
Visible to the naked eye, the air seemed to be backlogged by their actions, forming an extremely loud sound wave, like ripples in the space, spreading towards the surroundings.
People who were close to each other felt a little pain in their eardrums.
It’s not that they are fragile, but the collision between Lin Ziming and Asura is really too much!
They felt this powerful force confrontation, and they all had a fearful emotion, and they backed off subconsciously! ! !
Lin Ziming and Asura hit each other with a punch, and stepped back two steps. On the floor under his feet, he stepped directly out of a hole of one and a half meters, and his shoes broke directly!
This shows how huge the collision force between them is!
Asura also took two steps back.
He actually took two steps back! ! !
You know, he is a master of the God Realm, and he is still the pinnacle of the God Realm of First Grade, and Lin Ziming, who has only half-stepped the God Realm, actually beat him five or five times!
For an instant, he only felt ridiculous, not believing it was true.
Especially when he collided with Lin Ziming’s fists just now, he felt that Lin Ziming’s strength was not under him.
What kind of monster is this?
Even if it’s the No. 1 King of Immortals, it’s just that, right?
However, Xiaoyao King is the number one arrogant of the Eastern School, as well as the number one arrogant of the entire human world.
How much information did King Xiaoyao spend on his body, how many miracle medicines he had taken, and how many experts in the realm of the gods had been instructed to reach this point?
This is a super genius with no one in hundreds of millions, and it is impossible to replicate.
But as for the Lin Ziming in front of him, how could he have such a powerful strength? This is totally unscientific?

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