A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1986

Or, the guy in front of him is Xiaoyao King? !
So Asura was in extreme shock, he blurted out, “Are you the King of Xiaoyao?!”
He is not so shocked, he only knows that if you look at the world, only Xiaoyao King has such a terrifying strength.
If the young man in front of him was really Xiaoyao King, then he turned around and ran.
For one thing, he couldn’t beat King Xiaoyao. Secondly, behind King Xiaoyao was the Eastern Faction, the head of the four martial arts. It was originally his little Sun Moon God Sect who could provoke him.
When other people heard his words, they were all surprised one by one, looking at Lin Ziming.
Xiaoyao King, this name, is very resounding to the entire martial world!
There is no one who does not know Xiaoyao King, and there is no one who does not respect Xiaoyao King.
They all have a philosophy, Xiaoyao Wang is a super strong who wants to become the world’s number one strong.
You know, this Xiaoyao King is a terrifying existence who has beaten to death a master of Tongshen Realm!
In the entire martial art world, there is a concept, as long as Xiaoyao King steps into the realm of Tongshen in time, he will surely become the strongest and sweep the world.
Even when the time comes, under the leadership of King Xiaoyao, the entire martial world will be dispatched, and it is not impossible to invade the secular world.
Even many people in Nuwazong regard Xiaoyao King as their idol.
So when they heard Ashura’s words, they looked at Lin Ziming’s eyes, and they lightened even more.
Tian Xuanzi was stunned, Lin Ziming was Xiaoyao King? She didn’t even think about it.
After all, Xiaoyao King, a big man, is too far away for them…
After hearing these words from Asura, the other people of the Sun Moon God Sect changed their expressions one by one, and they took two steps back, and for the first time had thoughts of awe and fear.
If Lin Ziming is really the King of Xiaoyao, then they would never dare to be an enemy of Lin Ziming!
Moreover, as long as Xiaoyao King is unhappy, what should he do if he teaches them Sun and Moon God directly?
Lin Ziming was also a little stunned when he heard what Asura said. He was Lin Ziming, but not someone else. How could Asura admit him wrong?
Immediately afterwards, he saw everyone’s reaction, that kind of shock, awe, and fear were not the result of the performance. From this point of view, this Xiaoyao King is really powerful!
Suddenly, he had some misunderstandings about this so-called Xiaoyao King.
However, when Lin Ziming was about to speak, Ashura suddenly shook his head, his eyes sharpened and solemn, “No, you are not Xiaoyao King! If you were Xiaoyao King, you would not talk so much nonsense with me, let alone. For the sake of a mere Nuwazong, and my Sun Moon God Sect as an enemy!”
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “Yes, I am not Xiaoyao King.”
Hearing that Lin Ziming was so honest, Tian Xuanzi was a little anxious. Just like the situation just now, if Lin Ziming continues to pretend to be the King of Xiaoyao, I believe that Ashura will retreat from difficulties and dare not continue to make things difficult. In this way, their Nuwa Sect will be saved Up.
But now that Lin Ziming is so honest, he has explained all his details, how can she not be anxious.
Asura still didn’t act rashly, but stared at Lin Ziming directly, and said, “Then who are you? Is it Bu Jingyun from the Western School, or Shakya Sunni from the Northern School?!”
In his opinion, with such strength, only the three super arrogances can fight him in the half-step through the gods.
However, Lin Ziming still shook his head, “I am Lin Ziming, a Chinese.”

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