A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1991

Compared with his depression, Lin Ziming was in a different mood.
Although Ashura’s strength is indeed very strong, it must be on him in terms of hard strength, but Lin Ziming is not saying that he is not an opponent, he just likes to fight under this kind of pressure.
This makes him feel very happy and hearty!
This battle was also a huge improvement for him, and the help he brought was greater than the one thousand battles between him and His Royal Highness.
Because he and Asura are fighting life and death, neither side has any mercy. In this way, he has a better understanding of Tongshen Realm and a more conceptual understanding.
In his opinion, Asura is the most powerful opponent. Fighting with Asura is like being an enemy of heaven and earth. It seems that heaven and earth are in contact with Asura. There have been things encountered.
In fact, this is also the realm of the gods, a huge difference over the realm of innate!
He and Ashura played such a high-intensity battle, and every collision, for his bones and muscles, was a temper.
He has a strong confidence. After he fights with Asura, his strength will definitely be further improved!
The battle between them has reached a feverish level, and the figures spread throughout the Nuwa Sect, and the damage caused is extremely huge.
It took less than two minutes, and it was as if it had been bombed by a bomber, especially terrifying.
At this moment, everyone could see that Lin Ziming really had the power to communicate with the gods, and he was inextricably able to fight Ashura. This was an incredible thing!
“What kind of monster is this Lin Ziming, who can actually fight the leader like this?”
“This is a monster! It’s no wonder that in the Eagle Dog Country before, Mo Teng was not Lin Ziming’s opponent. When did such a perverted arrogant come out in the secular world?”
“You said, the leader is not this Lin Ziming’s opponent, right?”
“That’s impossible. The teacher is a master of the God-Telling Realm anyway, and he has reached the pinnacle of the God-Telling Realm of the first grade! Even if the King of Xiaoyao is here, he may not be the opponent of the leader! How can this Lin Ziming be able to fight? Ever had the leader?”
“Wait, the leader must be playing with him, and he has not done his best! When the leader becomes angry, Lin Ziming will be resolved in no time!”
All the people of the Sun Moon God Sect began to discuss fiercely. Most of them still have faith in Ashura. After all, Ashura is a master of the realm of the gods, and Lin Ziming is a genius. It’s just a half-step through the divine realm, and the realm gap in this one is not so easy to fill.
For everyone in the Nuwa Sect, they were extremely excited one by one, staring closely at the battle between Lin Ziming and Asura, extremely nervous.
This is their only hope. If Lin Ziming can promise Asura, that would be great!
They even had an idea that if Lin Ziming could really save them in the hands of Asura, then even if they let them follow Lin Ziming in the future, they would be willing!
In contrast, Lin Ziming is much better than Ashura.
Another two minutes passed, and the battle between Ashura and Lin Ziming had reached an extremely fierce level.
Moreover, it seems that Lin Ziming gradually got back from the wind and slowly pulled back, and he was already able to fight Ashura very well!

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