A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2004

After a pause, Hannibal said again, “Teacher, you are now at the pinnacle of the First-Rank Ability God Realm. As long as you break through to the Second-Rank, will you be able to stabilize the military god of China?”
Adam snorted and said, “I press Whampoa Road, why do I need second-grade? I can explode Whampoa Road now, but now the martial world has invaded, I don’t bother to pay attention to Whampoa Road. When I break through to the second-grade power At that time, it will be the time when my beautiful country is extremely powerful! At that time, the small China, you don’t have to look at it at all.”
After Hannibal listened, his eyes brightened, and then he talked a lot with Adam, thinking that as long as Adam breaks through to the second rank, then the status of the world’s most powerful country in the beautiful country will be well-deserved. Moreover, it can expand aggressively, increase sanctions against China, and invade other countries!
If Adam can break through to the third rank, and even the beautiful country can unify the world, it is not impossible!
And he, the next task, is to dive down and concentrate on breaking through to the realm of power.
If he can become a master in the realm of the gods, then there will be two powers in the realm of beauty, and with the incomparable national strength of the beautiful nation, there will be no country in the world that can resist the beauty of the country!
As for Lin Ziming, this so-called Kung Fu Cup champion, the so-called genius, is simply not in his eyes.
If Lin Ziming really dares to come to the beautiful country and ask his teacher Adam for advice, then he will take action at that time to let Lin Ziming, this little guy, know what cruelty is!
Speaking of this, Hannibal asked again, “Teacher, I heard that this secret realm is very dangerous. In addition to the strong people from major countries participating, even those strong in the martial world will also participate!”
Adam nodded and said, “Yes, this time the secret is open. There are indeed a lot of people participating. As the last Kung Fu Cup champion, you have been there once, and you are not eligible to go, but when the time comes, the teacher will be another Give you a chance. This time the secret realm is very dangerous and full of great opportunities. I heard that in the secret realm, in addition to many treasures, there is also a flower that has condensed the crystal of the earth blooming. You must pick it successfully at that time! Do you know? ?”
After Hannibal listened, his body was full of enthusiasm. He straightened his waist and said in a very serious and serious manner, “Teacher, rest assured, the disciple will not disappoint the teacher’s expectations!”
Adam smiled and said, “Well, the teacher believes in your abilities.”
After saying this, Adam stood up, hugged the two beauties in front of him, jumped into the pool, and began to enjoy himself.
Two more days passed, and Lin Ziming had taken away a lot of underworld sites and rescued a lot of compatriots in suffering in these two days.
It can be said that he has done what all Chinese compatriots dreamed of, but he did not dare to do and was unable to do it.
For a time, he became the god in the hearts of many Chinese.
Just like now, after he took away another black power’s territory, these compatriots who had been oppressed a lot, after being rescued, bowed in front of him.
“Thank you for your help!!”
There were hundreds of people in front of him, all of them knelt down at once. The scene was not magnificent, but Lin Ziming was still very touched. He could see that these compatriots were grateful from the heart.
Lin Ziming said meaningfully, “If you are really grateful to me, you will unite and strengthen yourself in the future. Not only do you have to be strong physically, but the most important thing is to be strong mentally. Only when you are strong can you have the capital to defend yourself. Only with the dignity of people can you resist the oppression of those beautiful people, you know?”
When they heard this sentence, there was thinking on their faces, and they didn’t understand it immediately, but as long as they could think, then it was already a good start.

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