Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 123

“How to act?” It seemed interesting, and I looked up from the pile of materials.
Qiao Yi happily sat on the armrest of my chair and took my shoulders: “Have you seen Zhen Huan’s biography?”
“Why haven’t you seen it?”
“Do you see the subsequent interaction between An Lingrong and Zhen Huan?”
“Then who among us will play An Lingrong?”
“Of course it’s you.”
“Because you can dance!” She laughed shamelessly. I looked at her and kept seeing her smile naturally.
“Well, I am An Lingrong. After all, I am playing a villain.”
“How on earth do you want to act?”
“It’s so simple, you can just look at me with faint eyes from time to time, the scene is on my side, ah ha ha ha.” She leaned forward and closed with a smile, I was afraid that she would fall under the chair.
Qiao Yi has always been an optimist. He is heartbroken to say it sounds good, but he is actually a silly eldest sister.
She doesn’t think too much about things, I have to think more about it.
Xi Qingchuan is also very calm today, so calm that I feel a little weird.
Just before get off work, Baiyu called me and asked me something.
I find it very strange, Baiyu can ask me if I have anything to do, and I ask him what’s the matter.
He said: “Ms. Xiao, can you help me send Mr. Xi’s dress to him tonight? There is a very grand banquet tonight, but there are some things I can’t accompany Mr. Xi to attend this evening.”
“I remember that Xi Qingchuan still has a lot of secretaries.” Anyone can do this kind of little thing, you don’t have to be Bai Yu.
“What Mr. Xi told me to do, if I hand it over to other people casually, he will definitely be angry, and his clothes don’t like to pass through the hands of many people.”
What Bai Yu said also makes sense, because Xi Qingchuan is a little bit clean and eccentric. Although he has a large number of secretaries, each secretary performs his own duties. The affairs secretary specializes in food, and the schedule secretary makes the schedule , The administrative secretary is in charge of contract files and the like, Bai Yu is equivalent to a personal assistant, and he will be referred to him for more private matters.
Therefore, perhaps Baiyu looked at the people around Xi Qingchuan and felt that my relationship with him was relatively close.
In fact, it is not. Now I guess I am the No. 1 on the list that Xi Qingchuan wants to kill the most.
In fact, the farther I am from Xi Qingchuan, the safer I will be, but Bai Yu spoke to me personally, and I couldn’t refuse.
I bit the bullet and agreed. He said that he had something that happened to be brought to me by Xiao at night.
I went to wait for Boyu at the gate of Xiao’s downstairs. He came soon and drove by himself. He wore a very casual and relaxed style. He felt very different from the usual suits and shoes. He was a high-quality little brother with fresh temperament.
Fortunately, Qiao Yi was on the side, otherwise he would whistle frivolously.
He handed me Xi Qingchuan’s clothes: “Miss Xiao, Mr. Xi is in the business district of the Convention and Exhibition Center of the Taikoo Building. The dinner starts at seven o’clock. It’s just time for you to send it to me. Please, please.”
He bowed to me and thanked me again and again, which made me a little embarrassed.
“Raise your hand.” I held the big box with Xi Qingchuan’s clothes and said to him: “You don’t have to be so polite. Besides, you only work part-time. It is impossible for you to work 24 hours a day.”
He smiled faintly, but I think his expression today is a bit sad and sad. I opened my mouth to ask, but I also feel that the conversation is shallow and it is better not to ask more about people’s matters.
But unexpectedly, I didn’t ask Baiyu but suddenly said: “I’m going on a date.”
“Ah.” He said abruptly, and I was stunned: “Yes.”
“The one who had a blind date last time.”
“Oh.” I don’t know what to say. In my impression, Boyu is a very dedicated person. I thought he had to do something particularly important, but dating this kind of thing is in an elite’s It should be a small matter in the eyes.
He went on to say: “My adoptive father is critically ill.”
He lowered his head, and the moment he raised his head, I saw the water in his eyes.
Just as the setting sun came into his eyes, the orange-red setting sun was shining with water, and my heart couldn’t help but shrink.
“He really wants to see me get married and have children. Maybe it’s too late to have children, but we should be able to get married in time.” A vague smile appeared on his lips.
I have never been able to comfort others. I always feel that anything I say at this time is false. I curled my lips and didn’t show anything.
My mouth is stupid, Qiao Yi said that I am not stupid, but the distance between my heart and mouth is a bit far away.
I looked at him and hugged Xi Qingchuan’s clothes tightly: “The person you are dating, do you like her?”
He looked up at the setting sun in the sky, the orange-red light was on his left cheek, and I could see the tiny fluff on the side of his cheek, like a fresh peach.
“I don’t like it, but it’s not important.” He suddenly turned his face and smiled at me: “For me, as long as it’s married, it’s okay to get married. It’s not bad.”
What he said is very vague, but I understand it.
According to his current state, whether it is the man I met at Comrade Bar that day or Xi Qingchuan, there is no way to marry him, so as long as he marries a woman, it is the same for him.
But isn’t that woman the same wife?
This seems a bit unethical!
Isn’t this a fraudulent marriage?
“Assistant Bai, you…”
He answered the phone and nodded to me in a hurry: “Thank you, Miss Xiao.”
Then he hurried away.
I stared at him in a daze. In fact, I never discriminate against any kind of sexual orientation, but it is extremely selfish for the sake of passing on the family line or letting the elders marry a woman casually.
I have lost half of my favorability towards Baiyu for no reason.
With a slap, someone slapped me hard on the shoulder. It scared me to death. You don’t need to look back to know that it is Qiao Yi.
I pulled down her hand: “You are going to shoot me to death.”
“Who are you standing looking at, so fascinated?”
“Who is there.” I turned around holding my clothes: “Where are you going?”
“Shall we go to skewer?”
“I have something tonight, will you send me to Taikoo on the way?”
“Why are you going to Taikoo?”
“Send clothes to Xi Qingchuan.”
“Why send clothes to Xi Qingchuan? He is naked now?”
I have never heard anything good from Qiao Yi’s mouth, anyway, she has nothing to send me.
The journey from Xiaoshi to Taikoo was quite a long way, at least half an hour, and Qiao Yu was there all the way.
“Why are you sending clothes to Xi Qingchuan, he has so many secretaries and assistants, hey, it’s weird, isn’t Bai Yu very dedicated? There is no reason why he wouldn’t follow such a grand banquet, and let you send clothes. You are the madam at the table anyhow.”
“Joe.” I smoothed my hair tossed by the wind with my hand: “Can you let your mouth rest for a while?”

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