Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 144

Before Qiao Yi had time to answer me, the door of my office was pushed open.
While I had a cold war, I also saw clearly that the person standing at the door of my office was Xi Qingchuan.
He is also wearing the dark blue and dark gold striped dress in today’s video, handsome, dazzling, but murderous.
“Oh.” Even Qiao Yi stepped back: “So murderous.”
“Qiao Yi, you go out first.” His tone was calm.
Big things are not good, Xi Qingchuan certainly won’t roar like the male stars in TV dramas when something happens. The more calm he is, it means that his anger has exploded.
Qiao Yi blinked, I grabbed her wrist and shook my head: “Don’t.”
“Qiao Yi, go out.” Xi Qingchuan repeated. Although there are only four words, it is absolutely cold to the bones.
Qiao Yi looked at me: “What did he do with you?”
“I.” If Qiao Yi stayed here again, she would die worse than me, because she was impulsive and talkless. Anything else annoyed Xi Qingchuan. It is estimated that he would really kill us with a knife.
“You go out first!” I said to Qiao Yi very tragically, “I have a chat with Xi Qingchuan.”
“What do you guys have to talk about? Talk about divorce?”
“Get out!” I pushed Qiao Yi out, then closed the door and locked it.
Anyway, I’m dead, it’s better to be deadly Ling Ran.
As soon as I turned around, I met Xi Qingchuan’s cold eyes.
The pride of being brave just now disappeared instantly, I was so scared, scared to death.
He approached me step by step, and I couldn’t breathe.
“Xi Qingchuan, stop.” I raised my hands to express surrender: “My original intention was not like that.”
He raised his eyebrows in surprise: “I thought you would deny it, but I didn’t expect you to admit it.”
“I think you are too painful, I want you to have a good chat with Baiyu, and I am afraid that Baiyu will ignore you, so I gave Baiyu a gift, which I used to make specifically for my father. The cufflinks cost me money from my old nose.” I digressed as I said, and fear made me pull back.
“Go on.” He walked in front of me, nodding his head against the wall with one hand to beckon me to continue.
His posture made me feel a little relieved, because he currently only has one hand free, and the difficulty factor is quite high if I want to strangle me.
“I put the gift on Baiyu’s table. I put it two days ago. I thought Baiyu could see it at a glance, but the two of you have never reacted.”
“carry on.”
I swallowed my mouth: “I think it might be the secretary of the affairs who made a mistake and took that gift as a gift to the chairman’s wife. As a result, it turned out…”
“What’s the matter with the words on the card?” He didn’t know where to conjure that card and opened it and held it in front of me: “Hold your hand and grow old with you.”
“That’s a poem in the Book of Songs. In fact, this poem is not about regular lovers of men and women, or about two men.” I’m not showing off, it just happens to be rich in knowledge.
“I mean this handwriting is exactly the same as mine. Could it be that I wrote it when I was sleepwalking?”
I was about to suffocate. He interrogated me bit by bit. It’s better to stabbing me to death.
“I imitated it.”
“Oh, do you still have this talent?”
“Blindly writing.”
“How long have you imitated?”
“About twenty minutes.”
“Ha.” Xi Qingchuan was finally mad at me, and laughed out loud: “I wrote it exactly like me after imitating it for twenty minutes? You are really talented!”
In fact, I am quite talented. Don’t think I’m not good at finance, but I have a clear understanding of these artistic aspects.
I dodged his gaze: “I really didn’t mean it, my original intention was to let you communicate well, don’t leave regrets in the future, and then Bai Yu also harmed the girl.”
“You really worry about the country and the people.” Xi Qingchuan leaned over and looked down at me: “Isn’t it because you want to divorce me urgently?”
“No, no, what am I doing for a divorce? It’s been a few months anyway. I leave early and leave late at night. I don’t need to rush for a while. Besides, I won’t use such despicable means.”
“You also know despicable.” He nodded: “Introspection is quick!”
Knowing that he was telling the irony, I could only go along and say: “I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t be in trouble, shouldn’t be nosy, nor should I imitate your handwriting and pretend to be you.
“What you did does not seem to violate the law.” He curled his lips: “That can only be lynched.”
My calf turned straight and my clothes were all soaked in cold sweat.
“I know I am guilty, but I meant to help you.”
“Help me? Help me confess to Baiyu, and then?” He looked at me with interest: “Help me plan our future.”
“You can go to a country where homosexuality is legalized and get married, and then come back.” I didn’t think it out, and enthusiastically suggested to him: “This is okay, and then you are legal couples, oh no, husband and wife, what age is it now? , No one can look at you with colored glasses.”
“Oh.” He was probably tired, and he pulled a chair and sat down: “Tell me, how do you see that I have a leg with Bai Yu?”
Still need to talk, so obvious?
How do I feel that Xi Qingchuan’s current state of mind is chaotic?
He doesn’t have a murder weapon on him!
He won’t kill me, will he?
I courageously replied: “That day, the day my grandma was hospitalized, I went to your office to find you. Didn’t I see you and Bai Yu touching each other?”
“Touch each other, which eye do you see when we touch each other?”
“I swear I won’t talk nonsense, I didn’t tell anyone, even Qiao Yi didn’t know it!”
“Okay, go on.” He raised his chin tolerantly.
“Later I saw Boyu in the gay bar, and I was sure he was GAY.”
“You saw Boyu in Comrade Bar?” Why is Xi Qingchuan so surprised, has he been there? ”
“He is the only one!” I subconsciously helped Bai Yu cover up: “I swear.”
“and then?”
“Then the second time I saw you touching each other in the office.”
He nodded patiently and waved at me: “Come here.”
I didn’t dare to go through if I was killed. I felt that he might tear the devil with his hands and tear me directly without any murder weapon.
I was so afraid of chaos that I was on the verge of collapse.
I stick to the wall and will not go there unless he pulls me over.
He really got up from the chair and was digging out his suit pocket.
Did he hide a knife in his pocket?
Is such a small knife lethal?
However, if it is a scalpel, the lethality is also amazing. Swipe directly from the center of my eyebrows, and I will be cut in half by him.
I can’t wait to squeeze myself into the wall, but unfortunately I am not a Taoist priest from Maoshan, I can’t go through the wall art!
Xi Qingchuan walked in front of me while digging out his pocket, and then took out something from his pocket with a crash, and a white light appeared.
I closed my eyes and screamed, “The hero is forgiving!”

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