Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 160

“I’m really scared, I’ve never lied since I was little.” I cried out crying.
“Have you ever lied?”
“Then what do you think of me?” He suddenly asked me this question at this moment.
“Don’t you never lie?”
“Or I ask, are you in love with me?”
“You think too much, I don’t like a man like you at all. You are arrogant and domineering, and your eyes are above the top. People like you are outdated in romance novels.”
I blurted it out and regretted it extremely.
If Xi Qingchuan is so stingy, he will definitely bear grudges.
I didn’t have time to be afraid, and found that I had driven the car through the intersection and left the traffic police far behind.
“I drove over!” I cried with joy: “The traffic police didn’t stop me.”
“You’re called being a guilty conscience. How can he stop you when you drive a car on the road with good grace?”
Now it’s driving over, and he can say anything.
He suddenly turned his arms around and looked at me: “Eyes above the top? Domineering?”
I knew he had a grudge, and I sneered at him: “You didn’t mean to talk to me to divert my attention and let me drive over?”
“But I won’t let you speak ill of me.”
“You asked me to say it, and I won’t lie.” I slammed on the accelerator, and Xi Qingchuan leaned back in the chair and hit his back, screaming in pain.
“Xiao Sheng!”
He wanted to kill me, I know.
Xi Qingchuan’s villa is in a high-end luxury residential area. I know that this is a real estate developed by Xi’s. It is expensive and expensive.
I drove the car in. The garage door was sensitive. After driving in, it went up to the second floor. We got out of the car and faced the floor-to-ceiling glass door on the second floor balcony of the villa.
Xi Qingchuan’s villa is similar to what I imagined. It is very large and luxuriously decorated. It can even be described as luxurious.
Like Grandma Liu, I entered the Grand View Garden. Xi Qingchuan’s villa is not only well-decorated, but also has a sense of science and technology.
He snapped his fingers, and the door of the room opened automatically. Standing at the door holding a tray, the chubby white-eyed man was not a babysitter, but a robot.
It was talking to us, and its voice was not an alien accent, but the voice of sister Zhiling who was screaming.
I looked at it for two seconds, I still didn’t talk, and the robot said, “Hello, my name is Elizabeth.”
“You are so confessed.” I greeted it sincerely.
“No, my name is Elizabeth.”
I am not surprised that there is such a high-tech robot in Xi Qingchuan’s villa. I am surprised that the voice of Zhiling’s sister, who is as long as Dabai, sounds exceptionally perverted.
“This robot is yours?”
“Could it be yours.” Xi Qingchuan walked over and touched its head: “You are so white.”
“Hello my handsome master, my name is Elizabeth.”
I followed Xi Qingchuan: “How did you give it such a disgusting setting? It’s a handsome master.”
“It has many names for me.”
“such as.”
“My noble king, my heavenly ruler and so on.”
“It’s disgusting.”

Walking to the corridor, Xi Qingchuan told the robot: “Take this maid down to familiarize yourself with the environment, and I will lie down.”
“To be precise, you can only lie down.”
Xi Qingchuan was in a good mood, so I dared to gag him.
I followed the round robot downstairs. I was always wondering how it got down the stairs. It clearly had legs.
It turned out that there were two things like pliers in its hands. Using that pliers to clamp the handrail of the stairs and slide down, it strayed faster than I trot down the stairs.
“Maid.” It waited for me downstairs: “Take you to the kitchen first.”
“I am not a maid, but Xiao Sheng.” I told it seriously.
It also looked at me up and down seriously, and finally gave its judgment: “Maid, please come with me.”
For the first time in my life, I was pissed off by a robot.
I walked into the kitchen with it, and I really felt what a perversion is.
The entire kitchen is like a huge science and technology exhibition center. Microwave ovens, stoves, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, refrigerators, etc. are all controlled by computers, and blue barking numbers jump on the display of each electrical appliance, and its abnormalities. .
Gu Yu would be overjoyed if he saw it, and immediately reconciled with Xi Qingchuan, and followed his ass and shouted God.
Da Bai told me proudly: “I serve 24 hours a day. You want to use any electrical appliance here. You just need to find me. I will open it for you and teach you how to use it.”
“Aren’t you just a remote control and a voice manual?” I laughed, and finally found the point to fight this incredible robot.
Its big face was red and green, and sister Zhilin’s babble still made people bones: “Oh, I’m angry, you can’t say that to me.”
I finished watching the kitchen: “Is there any ingredients in the refrigerator?”
“Of course there is.” Dabai opened the refrigerator to show a dazzling array of vegetables, fruits, drinking water and fresh meat, etc., all available.
“You bought it?” I didn’t believe it.
“Yes it is.”
“You bought it at the supermarket?”
“Only low-level creatures use their own trekking to buy vegetables.”
“Oh, you said that some uncles and aunts are low-level creatures.” I leaned in front of the refrigerator and looked at it, wondering what to eat at night.
“I called the supplier and they delivered it to the door.”
“Oh.” It turned out to be so, technology is really convenient.
No, it should be said that it is convenient to have money.
In fact, it is not very high-tech. Install a program in the head of the robot, and if there are no ingredients in the refrigerator, it will automatically call the ingredient supplier to order.
“Do you know how to cook?” I asked Dabai.
Its eyes blinked: “My skills are temporarily undeveloped.”
“So, you are also a low-level robot.” I took out the food from the refrigerator. The robot was mad at me, and defended it hoarsely beside me: “I am not a low-level robot, I am a QF21 generation super developer. Butler robot.”
“What’s the use of such a long name? I still don’t know how to cook.”
“I am a housekeeper, not a cook.”
“Xiao Sheng.” Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan’s voice sounded in the kitchen. I looked up and found a camera and a loudspeaker in the corner of the kitchen.
My feelings are all in his eyes, and he suddenly feels no sense of sex.
“What?” I asked.
“When are you going to argue with my robot?”
Who wants to quarrel with it, who makes it always say that I am a maid.
“You can turn off the monitoring of the kitchen.”
“can you cook?”
“Well, a little bit.”
“Are you sure you won’t poison me?”
“It’s better than your robot.”

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